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Vicem Yachts - Old-world craftsmanship meets new technology with 67 Cruiser

by Elisa Corti 6 Aug 2019 05:28 PDT

  • New Models Combine the Features of the Latest Yachts with Traditional Lines
  • Vicem Delivers a Yacht, along with Cruising Memories
  • Hull No. 1 of Vicem 67 Cruiser is under way and certified with CE Design Category "A"
Vicem Yachts has been delivering high-quality yachts for more than 28 years, and now more than ever, the company's line of cruisers is built for the way boaters cruise today.

Adventurous yachtsmen have many considerations that play a role in deciding what company should build their next yacht, and Vicem has several qualifications that will make it stand out. Four considerations in particular come to mind that will help convince cruisers that a Vicem should be their next yacht:

1. Old-World Craftsmanship Meets New Technology

For cruisers who want the best of both worlds. Vicem takes the best of the traditional boatbuilding techniques from building with wood that brings substantial advantages as strength and insulation.

Creating a hard-chine planing hull from cold-molded mahogany and using West System epoxy results in a strong hull that's light in weight. The builds use cold-molded plywood decks, superstructure, and housetop, sheathed with one ply of E-glass biaxial fabric with epoxy coating and lamination.

The deck and house-top structure use mahogany framing and beams, and for added strength, the builder employs carbon fiber and epoxy at high-load areas. Mahogany and hardwood are used in the stringers, keelson, and sheer, and the structural engine beds are cold-molded, laminated mahogany.

Power for the yachts can be either conventional shaft drive or the Volvo Penta IPS system.

"Vicem incorporates high-tech materials, such as e-glass, carbon fiber, and epoxy," says Noelle Semmes, sales director of Vicem Yachts USA. "Vicem's proprietary cold-molded construction produces a hull that combines the best qualities of natural and synthetic materials in a handmade process to reinforce all stress points and encapsulate the inner and outer layers of the hull. Inside the hull itself, mahogany and epoxy laminate provide a better strength-to-weight ratio, while attenuating sound and reducing temperature. Reduced weight and better seakeeping mean Vicems need smaller engines giving us better fuel consumption and more efficient cruising."

2. New Models Combine the Features of the Latest Yachts with Traditional Lines

Today, cruisers desire generous interior volume, and who can blame them? Vicem's yachts may have traditional shapes, but their use of space is state of the art, with unparalleled headroom complemented by custom interiors finished in bookmatched-grain veneers and subtle details as rounded doorway openings and solid-wood trim with robust hardware. But more than just a beautiful interior, Vicems also sport a showstopping exterior, with traditional lines that will draw the eye of aficionados on waterways and at dockside all over the world. As with any traditional yacht, the eye is drawn to the pleasing proportion of topsides, sheerline, and shape of house, and yet Vicems have a look all their own.

While Vicem has complete designs for yachts, and are continuously developing new models, the company is staffed with designers, engineers, and carpenters who can recommend layout and design solutions—and execute them—to accommodate a buyer's individual needs.

"Boaters who want to think beyond the ordinary will understand what Vicem can provide," says Mine Aktuna, Chief Naval Architect and Marine Engineer. "Creating a new design to accommodate the needs of clients who may want additional fly bridge space, comfortable accommodations, space for a crew to help out, and the benefits of updated design should understand what cold-molded construction allows us to do."

3. Vicem Delivers a Yacht, along with Cruising Memories

When taking delivery of a Vicem, the owner can accept the boat in Turkey to cruise the ancient waters of the eastern Mediterranean and Greece as a shakedown cruise, an experience never to be forgotten. When clients take delivery there, they complete the survey and sea trial. Once that business is out of the way, the new owner can then cruise the extensive and rich Turkish coast and islands, as well as the Greek islands for a week or two. After this cruise is complete, the yacht is loaded on a ship by the yard for delivery to its new home port.

"Cruising a Vicem in the waters where it all began will give our new owners an even deeper understanding of what this yacht builder is all about," Semmes says. "Knowing the history of this area will only deepen our owners' love of the sea, and we hope they come back and see us often."

4. Hull No. 1 of Vicem 67 Cruiser is under way and certified with CE Design Category "A"

Vicem Yachts is excited to provide updates on the construction of its new cold-molded motoryacht, the Vicem 67 Cruiser, which the company has designed for the modern cruising yachtsman. The Vicem 67 Cruiser has been certified with CE Design Category "A", the yacht designation with the toughest standards reserved for vessels 40 feet and over designed to be self-sufficient for extended voyages.

The 67 Cruiser is a new design that will accommodate the needs of our clients who may want to cruise the open ocean. With the benefit of comfortable accommodations, space for a crew to manage the yacht, and additional fly bridge space, our cold-molded construction allows our clients to get everything they want in a yacht that's beyond the ordinary. Her profile will be traditional, with a flying bridge and hardtop, bringing together Vicem's timeless design with numerous features that today's boaters want in their next yacht.

Power for the Vicem 67 Cruiser will be a pair of 600-horsepower Volvo Penta D8 diesels using conventional shaft drives and custom designed 4-blades propellers. Expected speeds with the standard engines are a 16-knot cruise and a 20- knot top speed. With that engine package, the range at cruise is expected to be 800 nautical miles, with a 2,200-nautical-mile range at eight knots.

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