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Maritimo One M72 - based on the magnificent Maritimo M70 Motor Yacht - photo © Murray Waite

Dear Recipient Name

What you are looking at is the first vessel to appear from Maritimo's new Maritmo One personalised customisation department. It is classed as an M72, based on the grand and popular M70 platform with all of her special and bespoke changes to truly meet her new owner's definitive requirements.

This very special reveal (thanks Maritimo) slots in very nicely with our theme, seeing as Maritimo One was announced back at the Sydney International Boat Show, and Fort Lauderdale's turn has just concluded.

Maritimo One M72 - photo © Maritimo
Maritimo One M72 - photo © Maritimo

As you can see, Maritimo has just commenced the sea trials of this first, Maritimo One vessel. The massive M72 motor yacht has been purposely customised for its New Zealand owner, a dedicated game fish enthusiast, who plans to chase sport fish off New Zealand's north island. It is his third Maritimo.

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500 Maritimo 2019 MPU

Maritimo One M72 sports a magnificent, wedge style transom below the fixed duckboard to ensure she rises up when backing down hard onto fish, and not push her transom under. Cool. - photo © Murray Waite
Maritimo One M72 sports a magnificent, wedge style transom below the fixed duckboard to ensure she rises up when backing down hard onto fish, and not push her transom under. Cool. - photo © Murray Waite

Customisation of the yacht included a specially designed transom, which will lift the stern of the boat up as it is backed up towards the game fish. Something her Scania DI16 16.4 litre V8 1150hp/3512Nm donks can easily do. More than 200 changes were made to the production line version of the Maritimo M70, including lengthening the hull/cockpit. The vessel will be handed over to its owners next week and they will then head north on their 'shake-down' cruise, before returning to the Gold Coast, and then ultimately taking the vessel back to New Zealand.

The luxury Australian motor yacht manufacturer not only modified the hull's running surface, but her transom, tank capacities and engineering, as well. This required fully customised weight studies and hydrostatic reports to ensure it all embraced Maritimo's engineering and design ethos and expertise.

The business department on board the new Maritimo One M72 - the fighting chair. - photo © Murray Waite
The business department on board the new Maritimo One M72 - the fighting chair. - photo © Murray Waite

Apart from of the features highlighted here, the vessel is resplendent with live wells, bait tanks, a different mezzanine cockpit configuration, that central, aft helm pod, the modified hardtop with enhanced window openings and rear sight lines to further assist in her central mission. We cannot wait to see the other initial vessels (M51 and M78) appear in time.

Every true Sportsfisherman needs a helm station overlooking the cockpit, and individual gear/throttle levers ensure you can stand facing aft and manoeuvre the Maritimo One M72 precisely to the catch. - photo © Murray Waite
Every true Sportsfisherman needs a helm station overlooking the cockpit, and individual gear/throttle levers ensure you can stand facing aft and manoeuvre the Maritimo One M72 precisely to the catch. - photo © Murray Waite

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Showtime News

Naturally there was a flurry of information about a vast array of craft on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. We certainly found soft spots for the new Palm Beach 70, their largest boat yet. Sister brand, Grand Banks, also revealed images of their largest to date, the GB85, and soon there will even be a GB90 to go up once more.

Prettiest boat was easily the Zeelander 72, and the Wally Tender showed just how cool new school can really be. Tankoa had their 72m behemoth standing guard, and Silent Yachts 55 highlights what can be done with electric propulsion when you can start with a bespoke platform.

Zeelander Z72 - photo © Onne van der Wal
Zeelander Z72 - photo © Onne van der Wal

On that note, special mention goes to Nova Luxe who has come a long way from the concept that intrigued me a while ago. Their first is in shakedown right now, and looks to be on display at the Miami show. I like how they are going with a 360V system. It is a bit like 19 and 21V hand tools versus 12V. They are just better.

Nova Luxe have an attention to detail that seems to be not only focussed on outcome, but the bigger picture as well, and for that, they get our tipped hat award. There is a little video of theirs here on right now, so please go have a look.

Keeping the faith

Unlimited range and a top speed that excites! Nova Luxe Yachts - photo © Nova Luxe
Unlimited range and a top speed that excites! Nova Luxe Yachts - photo © Nova Luxe

We started a topic of significant interest to me, and evidently, many others as well with Out of sight? Following that up were some additional points in Why thank you very much...

In that thread we indicated that we will continue to look at corrosion, over-protection, and coatings. One of the subsets of that is in-water, dry docking systems, which we will continue to investigate, but in the meantime we have had some great new - and at this stage anecdotal - information that is worth sharing.

I particularly liked Dean Howard's analogy that comparing old fashioned boat bags with these new systems is " telling motorists to turn off their engines on a hot day because they will overheat. Definitely true forty years ago, but probably not so today," said Howard.

"Every customer that I know of in a FAB Dock (over 600 of them), flush their motors and drives every time they put their boat away. I have had my own boat in a FAB Dock for nearly six years, wash and flush it every time I get home, and I have zero corrosion problems on ten-year-old Bravo 3s."

Fab dock - photo © Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show
Fab dock - photo © Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

So there are facts we are investigating, for if you do not have an open mind then exactly what are you? There are comparisons between various dry docking systems, so we do need to look at the validity of them and overall data collection. I guess, in a way it is stand by to stand by, but we are looking...

Importantly, the coating component of our triumvirate also needs to be elevated to the same status as the others. There is an inherent toxicity, the ablative nature of many, the residue, build up of said fall out, and then food chain relative to tiny critters and even bigger ones, like us. In a way, a clear epoxy coating to protect your hull and the environment has winner, winner stamped all over it.

In short, not the subject matter for one or indeed several newsletters, but just like end-of-life vessels, one we do need to keep coming back and always asking the question. Is this so? To that end, yes, thank you all very much for your readership, your phone calls, emails and efforts to provide a greater good. We can do it.

Bavaria Yachts CEO, Michael Müller at the 2019 Sydney International Boat Show - photo © John Curnow
Bavaria Yachts CEO, Michael Müller at the 2019 Sydney International Boat Show - photo © John Curnow

OK. Today you will find that we have information for you about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning, we talk with Bavaria Yachts CEO Michael Müller, radar by Simrad, Beneteau's new Antares 11, the Lexus LY 650 from Marquis Yachts, take a ride with Feadship, Prestige announce the X line crossover vessel, hybrid propulsion with MTU, Oceania readers look at the story of Liberty III off New Caledonia and what they have to say about their training with the Down Under Rally, world's largest 3D printed boat at the University of Maine, 325 and 405 Conquest from Boston Whaler, hopefully you saw the Jarrett Bay sensation that is Grander at FLIBS, Technohull blasts along in their new Grandsport 38 RIBs, as well as much, much more below.

So as you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other parts of the group, go to the top of the Powerboat-World home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the site you want to see and, voila, it's all there for you.

Speak with you again, very, very soon. Time to go boating now...

John Curnow
Global Editor,

Introducing the Bruckmann Abaco 47
Modelled on the success of the Abaco 40's unique performance and seakeeping characteristics, the Abaco 47 offers a larger platform with more accommodation for extended cruising.

Propspeed introduces Foulfree coating for transducers
Propspeed, leading innovator of underwater coatings, announced today the introduction of a revolutionary foul-release coating designed specifically for transducers - Foulfree.

Sunseeker launches new Superyacht Division
Andrea Frabetti, Sunseeker's CEO is delighted to announce the launch of Sunseeker's Superyacht Division, a distinctive range of yachts from 101ft - 161ft.

Zeelander Z72 - Debut for the shipyard flagship at 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
Zeelander Yachts unveiled the Zeelander Z72 yacht at the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 2019. She is the striking flagship of the Zeelander fleet, all of which will be on display at Ft. Lauderdale.

Grand Banks 85 hull #1 already sold
Get set for the mighty Grand Banks 85, the largest yacht Grand Banks has built to date. Building on the recently released GB60, the GB85 offers the option of a flybridge or a climate controlled sky-lounge.

Jetten Jachtbouw unveil all-new Beach 55 at 2019 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
The Dutch yacht builder Jetten Jachtbouw has unveiled a new-look flybridge yacht, designed by Cor D. Rover with Albert Nazarov, to debut its next generation of luxurious, stylish and efficient yachts.

Michael Müller CEO of Bavaria Yachts - 'Absolutely the man for the job'
The golf course is renowned for being a place where things get done. It is where Michael Müller took a call from CMP's Managing Partner, Kai Brandes, to take a close look at Bavaria Yachts prior to them having a longer conversation.

Sea Gull, the perfect choice for boating Siegels
Having done considerable research into what vessels were available in the 60 to 73 foot range internationally they settled on their Australian built Maritimo because of 'its unmatched overall design, its engineering and its layout'.

Palm Beach 70 makes world debut at the 2019 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show
Palm Beach Motor Yachts introduces its latest launch to the world: the Palm Beach 70. This flying-bridge motoryacht helps the builder to fulfill its mission to create impeccably built, performance-oriented yachts that raise the bar in the industry.

Boston Whaler introduces two new conquest models at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show
Both boats premiered on the world stage alongside an array of Whaler models—including the 380 Outrage with new quad engine packages—capturing the attention of show attendees and signifying an exciting period of growth for Boston Whaler.

Lowrance, Simrad and B&G announce all new Radomes
Simrad Yachting announced today the launch of HALO20+ and HALO20 radars - a pair of compact, pulse compression radome units, perfectly designed for smaller sportfishing and cruising vessels.

Nova Luxe Fall Update
This week is the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and although we will not have a boat in the show we encourage you to attend. Many power cats will be on display, and it's a great time to see what you like.

BoatUS applauds legislators for helping to ensure taxes paid by boaters will fund boating programs
The explosive growth of paddlesports including stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking and canoeing has local, state and federal governments working to ensure there's plenty of paddler access.

Delta "T" Systems debuts updated manual Fan Controller
Commercial and recreational marine engines require optimal ventilation at the correct temperature and pressure for peak performance. With Delta "T" Systems' updated C2 Plus Ventilation Controller, it's easy to manage the speeds of one or more axial fans.

Antares 11: A weekender that hits the right note
With the quintessential hallmark of a weekender range whose qualities have stood the test of time for 40 years, this wonderful family cruising powerboat focuses on comfort and space, as well as safety and innovation.

Volvo Penta IPS brings Lexus luxury to sea
Toyota Motor Corporation - in collaboration with Italian yacht design studio, Nuvolari Lenard, and boatmaker, Marquis Yachts - has developed its first luxury 65-foot yacht, the sleek LY 650, which is being launched as a flagship under the Lexus brand.

Marquis Yachts announces pricing, kicks-off sales of the new Lexus LY 650
The news comes on the eve of the public debut of the LY 650

Marine Auctions - Forthcoming Online Auctions in November 2019
Details of the Vessels and Berths we are offering in our November Online Auction are in the PDF link below, the bidding for our November Online Auction, will commence on Friday 8th November and will end on Thursday 14th November, at 2pm AEST.

The journey of Feadship: History, knowledge and innovation
We are delighted to share a brand-new film that captures the journey of Feadship and its clients over the ages. As well as featuring previously unseen archive footage, the movie goes behind-the-scenes at the Feadship yards

The new Johnson 70 in final stages of construction
The new Johnson 70 is scheduled for completion in early 2020, the yard is currently working on interrios craftmanship in time for the launch in March.

First Mazu 82 carbon composite superyacht countdown to completion
The first Mazu 82 is rapidly approaching completion at the Mazu Yachts shipyard near Istanbul, less than 12 months after the contract was signed with a Turkish owner.

Aquila 70: Extra information released
She can be ordered with either an closed sky lounge, or open bridge with fixed screens and comes in either four or five cabin layout, with the option for two crew cabins in the two bows.

When boats reach the aft-erlife
When fiberglass-hulled boats became available for mass market sales, they presented a game-changer for consumers. Whereas wooden boats required maintenance each year to remain watertight, this new material could last for decades.

Technohull launches its first two Grand Sport 38s
Technohull® has just launched one of the year's most hotly awaited new boats at its base in Alimos, Greece. Two very different looking units of the ground-breaking 38 Grand Sport were launched at the same time

Taking digital to the high seas - Draper earns patent with Augmented Reality system
When GPS isn't available to pinpoint location, wearable technologies that rely on this information can run into problems. That's the case when augmented reality glasses can't get a GPS signal—particularly when traveling long distances.

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