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We would like to encourage everyone to air their views about events at world, national, and of course club level. Adding a comment to a report or photograph gives sailors the chance to dissect the weekend's activities, or debate the important issues from an event. This represents a more focused discussion than might be found in the forum, which encourages interaction in a different way.

If you were racing at an open meeting, find the race report (via clubs or classes in the menu bar) and let everyone know how the day went for you, what tactics worked (ask the question, or give your views), or just speculate on what might have been...

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Any news article or photo can now be rated between 1 and 5 stars. This gives YOU a chance to influence the 'top 10' (shortly to be listed on the homepage) and serves to signpost the most popular and well-read articles.

When you read a well-written, interesting or amusing report, or find a spectacular photo, slide your mouse along the stars, and click to tell us how good it was.
The hard-working souls who represent our clubs and classes, and give their own time to write reports, need your encouragement!

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Now you can share what you love about sailing and your boat, and display club and class allegiance. Your own profile acts a handy place to link to the latest news and photos relevant to you.

Don't be faceless (like the image on the left) - add a photo of yourself to create a more personal element when you leave a comment! Profiles also list the photos and reports that a person awarded 5 stars to.

We now have a dedicated page for each UK club, listing upcoming events, the most recent photos and race reports, along with details of how to get there. Of course we still link to each club's website too.
Our latest maps make it easy to find clubs - you can even zoom in and switch to satellite view to see what the launching is like.

If club representatives could make sure the information we hold is accurate, this will improve the service for their members. Find your club and let us know what to change. Don't forget to use the calendar to tell us about your events, as this will all improve the page we maintain for your club.

These features are free and available to everyone. If you have already used the Y&Y forum, just log in (see top right) with your usual details. If not, please register now.

The community features allow you to add rate items (1 to 5 stars)....and to mark your favourites.....

So why not:
Find news articles and race reports to comment on
Find photos and videos to rate
See which are the most popular classes or clubs (by number of members)
Improve your own profile page
Search for a friend:

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