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SSANZ Round North Island: 13 finish Leg 2 - February 28

by 27 Feb 2020 12:32 PST 28 February 2020
Atamai became the second boat to dine on fresh fish during Leg 2 of the Evolution Sails Round North Island Race 2020 © Atamai Media

The fastest time race leader, Wired Racing (Angus Small/Rob Bassett) has taken line honours on Leg 2 of the Evolution Sails Round North Island Race.

She crossed the finish line in Port Nicholson at 11.35am yesterday, and was followed by Miss Scarlet (Graeme Wilson and William Goodfellow) almost 3 hours later and with Kia Kaha (Chris and Rebecca Hornell) less than two minutes later. The same three 52ft yachts were the first three home at the end of Leg 1.

Along with Atamai, Wired also shares the honour of being one of just two competitors who have dined on freshly caught fish during Leg 2.

While the fleet has been sailing downwind in light airs, windy Wellington is living up to its name for the final stanzas of the 550nm Leg 2, with winds of 26-29kts blowing around Arapawa Island on the northern extreme of the South Island, and 21-29kts approaching Wellington.

The tail end of the fleet is yet to pass Cape Egmont and Mt Taranaki

Website and race tracker

The 7am position reports on Day 5 of Leg 2 of the Evolution Sails NZ #RNI2020 are in and if you have been watching the Burnsco Race Tracker you will see the recent VMG’s coming up for all the boats

Here are the latest reports from the boats.

Deep Throttle - The Path to Racing RNI: Sat system still down. Could not reach other yachts for relay at 1900. All is well on board.

Stewart 34 On Tour Pelagian: Under big kite slowly making progress to mount taranaki... we now have a visual. Looking forward to passing this land mark All well on board

Distraction: Spinnaker up at last although we’d like more wind. 75 miles offshore and the mountain still looks big on the dawn horizon.

Start Me Up Sailing: not much wind last night. all good.

Urban Cowboy Racing: Long night, not quite the wind strength we wanted. Lots of sailing to go today to hopefully make it into Wellington tonight. Having a great race with Satellite Spy!

Gale Force Racing: Rolling along slowly.

Truxton Sailing: The sun rises and sun sets have been stunning, the sailing has been slow, but the big Jenny is up now so hopefully that’s all about to change .

C U Later: All is well. Land Ahoy this morning.

Waka: Finally some downwind!

MV Sailing Elliott 7.9 Moving Violation: it's so good to see land again, just have to see another boat now.

Astrolabe Sailing & VM2 Racing -High Voltage: Frustrating to say the least. Lots of foot stomping on board. I do not like holes!!

Kick Ass Yachting - Elliott 1050: Sooooo frustrated!

The Guarantee: Slow first part of the night. Bit better the second half. We finally have a bit of Westerly.

Fifth Dimension Racing: All good onboard. No videos made, no cell coverage yet either. Looking forward to some coverage to see where we are located with regards to the rest of the fleet.

Duty Free - "make mine a rum": Lovely kite ride throughout try the night

Satellite Spy Racing: It was a relief to finally break-free of the Naki parking lot and get going again. Finally back in our home patch after a pleasant nights sailing alongside our sister ship, Urban Cowboy. Looking forward to getting into Wellington and off the boat as my co skippers dreams are getting weirder and weirder!!

The Good Ship Atamai: All is well. Along with a few others we discovered the mother of all light patches... congrats to all the boats that rolled us last night!

Relapse Racing: I hate parking lots

Next finish will be the Ross 40’s which we are expecting after lunch!

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