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CMC Marine set for the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2020

by CMC Marine 27 Oct 2020 12:34 PDT October 28 - November 1, 2020

As always, CMC Marine will be taking part in the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show 2020, confirming its strong ties with the U.S. On display from 28th October to 1st November, will be the ultra-compact STAB25 fin stabilizer belonging to the Waveless line, which continues to encounter great success, and the famous Stabilis Electra HS60 fin stabilizer, one of the brand's flagship products.

Once again, this year CMC Marine will be alongside the leading brand names in the boating industry at FLIBS 2020. Nor could it have been otherwise, given the company's strong link not only with the city of Fort Lauderdale, where CMC Marine's US headquarters have been located since 2018, but also more generally with this geographical region: about 25% of the yachts with CMC Marine products installed on board sail between the USA and the Caribbean.

In this region, the company led by Alessandro Cappiello boasts major partnerships, including three in Florida, where Advantage Marine Services, Island Marine Electric and RKO Marine Electric operate, one in Maine with Front Street Shipyard and one in the Dominican Republic, thanks to IBC Shipyard. All the members of the CMC Marine network are managed by a team of certified professionals, trained by the Italian company thanks to the frequent appointments which the brand dedicates to the training and updating of its various international collaborators, with meetings centred on production and on the various technical support activities necessary to manage its customer base worldwide.

CMC Marine has therefore decided to display at Flibs 2020 STAB 25, a model of the recent line of electric and ultra-compact Waveless stabilizers dedicated to boats from 12 metres in length, alongside HS60, a flagship model which boasts an optimized fin profile to ensure better performance with lower resistance and new electronics that reduce overall dimensions. The latter model is also fitted on board the Azimut Grande 27 Metres on show at the Azimut Yachts stand.

CMC Marine will be taking part in the Fort Lauderdale Boat show from 28th October to 1st November at the Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion stand number 707.

CMC Marine presents Waveless - the mini stabilizing fins

Waveless is the new range of products introduced by CMC Marine, incredibly compact and suitable for installation on yachts as small as 40ft LOA.

Waveless embeds the same technology as Stabilis Electra, the well-known "big sister" which has made CMC Marine the world-leader for super yachts.

To understand the great innovation is enough to say that the smaller model has a footprint inside the hull of only 9,5 inches ! Superyacht technology applied to boats below 70 feet: a true revolution, which CMC marine has introduced starting from the technology they have been using for years on our "traditional" fins, and which the market has already shown to appreciate.

In fact, until now, it has always been thought that in medium-sized boats the fin stabilizers just could not even fit. Only gyroscopic seemed the solution...till now ! When CMC succeeded, taking advantage of knowledge coming from automation robotics. The fins and electronics are the same used on larger models.

The range: STAB 25, the smallest and also the most interesting, is for boats from 40 to 55 ft (the surface of the fin is very small, 65 cm"), then there are STAB30, for boats from 50 to 78ft, STAB40 (between 78 to 125ft) and STAB50 (from 98 to 130ft).

Small size: first of all, because there is no shaft, an external element that combines engine and fin. The connection is flange on flange; they are bolted together. Only the largest model, the STAB 50, needs a shaft to transmit motion.

Secondary, motor is " torque ", which means less bulk and less weight. It starts at 28 kg, which means that with a total of 60 kg the boat stabilizes. And then they have more torque already at a lower number of revolutions.

Low power absorption: For STAB 25 we talk about a peak power 2kw, 4 kW considering the two fins together. But it is only the peak, at the same time we can speak of an overall average of 2 kW, like an induction cooker. The peak values for the 4 models are respectively 2, 3, 7 and 8 kW ". Which means that the two smaller ones work even without a generator in motion... in fact they can be powered directly by the batteries, obviously with the help of an inverter. In navigation like the HS models, consumption is 10% of the nominal power.

Price: In line with a gyroscope model. But really simpler and cheaper the assembling. The fin, for example, aligns itself, using the internal software. If you are a bit experienced and you want to get your hands dirty with fiberglass, you don't have to go through a construction site for the installation.

Waveless system includes also interceptor: the TRIM intruder systems respectively with the 300, 400, 500 and 6.

Target: CMC Marine decided to offer a solution for the market under 66ft creating the Waveless line and choosing to introduce the new products under a different name and logo, more direct and catchier, to get closer to the end consumer rather than the shipyards, as he's the one taking the decision whether to install it or not.

Strengths: simple, easy to install, fast in use (switch on/off),high quality, low noise.

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