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Three new highlights of Leen-Trimarans

by Barbara Bruneel 14 Dec 2020 03:26 PST

The stunning flybridge of the Leen

The upper deck of the LEEN offers an impressive surface area, (more than 34 m2 for the LEEN 56, equivalent to the flybridge of a monohull of more than 62 feet). This vast space considerably increases the living area on board and rhymes with comfort and versatility.

1. Comfortable and safe space

The beautiful dimensions of the flybridge ensure safety and comfort, and allow a protected pilot area, an outdoor galley, a large area dedicated to relaxation and a place for the tender to live together. The coamings with their stainless steel balconies make outside move perfectly safe. Access to the cockpit flybridge is via a protected staircase.

2. Storage area

A tender weighing up to 400 kg can be placed on the rear of the flybridge. Handling is easy and safe using a crane located at the rear of the flybridge.

3. Flat surface for solar panels

On the hardtop that protects the piloting station, large areas can be dedicated to the production of solar energy. Depending on the solar panel equipment, up to 4000 watts can be generated in this way, and even more if the surface area of the standard hardtop is increased.

An exceptional and innovative owner suite

Only trimarans allow such vast, level living areas, a guarantee of comfort and easy circulation. The volume of a LEEN allows an unprecedented distribution of space and a layout that will allow you to fully enjoy life on board.

1. Innovative

The LEEN 56 owner's suite, organised on two levels, is unique and guarantees absolute comfort. The bedroom and office area is located on the main deck, on the same level, directly accessible from the saloon. The bathroom area is on the lower level in the float, directly accessible from the cabin.

2. Comfortable

The generous cabin area of more than 13 m2 includes a double island bed, a study area, a library and plenty of storage space. Thanks to large side openings, the cabin is bright and ventilated, giving you a first-class panoramic view. The quality woodwork, in light wood, gives your cabin an elegant atmosphere.

3. Intimate

Accessible directly from the cabin by a few steps, the private bathroom occupies 2/3 of the starboard float. It is equipped with a washstand with two basins, a shower and separate toilets, and also has plenty of storage space.

Proven and reliable hulls

The LEEN hull concept has already been selected and tested by the passenger transport specialist AUSTAL, an internationally renowned Australian shipbuilder, particularly well known for designing and building ferries.

Austal combines state-of-the-art shipbuilding skills and experience with innovative and efficient manufacturing processes.

AUSTAL has decided that a trimaran hull is the best solution for high-speed ferries. It notes that the trimaran hull shape offers greater potential and flexibility for the ship's layout, while making the voyage more comfortable and pleasant for passengers.

1. Optimised Design

They are made of layered injected polyester, reinforced with Kevlar for live workings The perfected technique for panel assembly on the frame ensures robustness, reliability and durability. The hulls have a very pronounced Vshaped hull in the forward section and horizontal stern lines, which makes the vessel efficient and therefore economical.

2. Extensive research in digital hull tanks

These tests reproduce all types of conditions, including the most extreme, at different speeds, as well as testing the stability of the hull.

LEEN trimarans will allow pleasure boaters to explore the oceans in complete safety and comfort.

3. Ideally designed to enhance comfort aboard

While the water inlets at hull level are slender, the living quarters are in areas providing space, comfort and silence.

Anchoring stability is naturally ensured by the lateral floats with no need for a gyroscopic stabiliser.

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