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X Shore's launch in the U.S. sets the stage for a future of ecofriendly, connected boating

by X Shore 25 Mar 2021 06:00 PDT

X Shore, a Swedish brand driving the future of electric, connected and sustainable boating, is making its debut in the United States with the launch of the Eelex 8000.

X Shore is built on three pillars; Design, Technology and Sustainability, and offers an actionable solution to the pollution of the traditional boating industry. The X Shore Eelex 8000 is a 100 percent electric boat powered by intelligent software that can be updated remotely, allowing for regular updates and improvements to the boat's capabilities.

Planned updates to the boat include self-docking, through software and hardware advancements, as X Shore continues to monitor and adapt to consumer demand and behaviors.

"We see an opportunity to reinvent an industry that has seen little change in past years, yet is in dire need of transformation," said Jenny Keisu, X Shore CEO. "Taking boating electric has been a topic of discussion for years, but it's yet to take root to become the new norm for boat manufacturing. X Shore's combination of technological advancements and deep commitment to sustainability is what we believe will be the key to truly impacting change in an industry that is firmly rooted in practices that are not environmentally friendly."

Data capture ensures optimal performance, every time

The Eelex 8000's connected boat platform enables its boats to improve for years to come. X Shore boats are powered by intelligent software that can be updated remotely allowing for quick and regular adaptations and improvements based on customer demands and behaviors.

While focused on the future, X Shore will never forget about the present. The software captures 150 data points every second, allowing for real-time analytics of battery and engine performance, including temperature, humidity, pressure and the craft's location and its system status. Users who opt for the built-in Sea Lab will also receive environmental parameters and data of the water being occupied, including PH and oxygen levels. While optimizing performance for our consumers, the anonymous and secure data captured provides X Shore with unique insight about how the boats are driven by different customers and allows for more frequent upgrades.

Building for a better tomorrow

The X Shore team's deep appreciation for nature has encouraged the brand's aspiration for change within an industry that has refused to evolve. As a pioneer of change, X Shore will not rest until finding a way to help their greater mission of long-term sustainability.

The brand's proprietary software creates a unique, seamless boating experience that consumers have never experienced before. Equipped with safety, entertainment and fleet telemetry features, along with the ability to improve through over the air updates and sights set on self-docking, as a first step toward autonomous driving, the Eelex 8000 is the first of its kind in this class. Innovation and sustainability is at the forefront of every decision that is made and every investment that takes place, and X Shore boats will only get better with time.

Inspired by nature, for nature

Created by maritime enthusiasts rooted in sustainability, the Eelex 8000 was built to let the sound of the wind and waves dominate the conversation - not the sound of an engine. Inspired by the South American electric eel, a creature defined by its strength and grace, the Eelex 8000 is modeled with a robust head, streamlined body and runs entirely on electric energy and offers outstanding acceleration and speed.

The high-performance 225 KW electric motor and dual 60 kWh lithium-ion batteries can be charged in 5 to 8 hours with three-phase power plugs, and one to two hours with superchargers, sending boating enthusiasts on journeys up to 100 miles on the water.

Alongside the electric engine of the Eelex 8000, X Shore builds its boats with the best practices in mind, like using cork instead of teak, PET and recycled plastic, as well as optional Flax fiber instead of fiberglass and carbon fiber. Specifically selected color options of Moss, Sandy, and Coffee also help to avoid disruption of the natural surroundings.

Designed for those who aspire to become one with nature, passengers can embrace the natural beauty of the water and all that inhabits it without the harmful noise and fumes typical fossil-fuel engines emit. Believing in the possibility of change in an industry that has remained firmly rooted in its traditions, X Shore aims to help the industry evolve and adapt to support a cleaner environment.

Features of the Eelex 8000

The Eelex 8000 has been updated and equipped with purposeful improvements to put any consumer at ease. The smart craft can be unlocked and turned on remotely through X Shore's proprietary smartwatch and mobile app, while remote diagnostics and smart overboard detection provides enhanced safety measures. X Shore owners will even have the ability to turn on the autopilot feature so they can enjoy the surrounding nature, further enhanced by the silent ride.

Key features of X Shore's Eelex 8000 include:

  • Safety
    • Always-on location, error and performance tracking
    • Always visible range & battery-level indication
    • Alerts onboard and sent to mobile devices if serious errors occur
    • Low-power wireless network for safety and security features
    • Remote maintenance, customization and software updates
    • Onboard systems will protect batteries and motor if reaching any undesirable levels
    • Optional dual-camera onboard or cloud security
  • Ease of use
    • Pre-installed high-quality maps to local areas
    • Large, bright Garmin marine-grade touch-screens with 24-inch models
    • Plan and sync routes with Garmin ActiveCaptain through tablet or phone
    • ActiveCaptain storage card pre-installed to sync with screen
    • Set Drive Modes, endurance mode for maximum range
    • Audio, light, pumps and temp control all from one touch panel next to your map
    • Hydraulic or electric steering with most-used controls on the steering wheel
    • Optional autopilot
  • Connectivity
    • Garmin Watch
      • Overboard detection: Eelex 8000 will stop within 10 seconds of a watch wearer being more than 10 meters away or under the water
      • Switch boat on or off via Bluetooth within a 10-meter range of the boat
    • Mobile App
      • Secured with biometrics
      • Remotely switch boat on or off
      • Set boat name, home dock, geofence and kill switch with mobile alerts to help keep track of the boat's location
      • See the position and status of the boat at all times
      • Check charging status or time left to full charge, receiving alerts when charging is stopped or completed
      • Check the status of all pumps. All pumps are fully automated, but bilge pumps can be activated remotely.

The Eelex 8000 is available now at starting at $329,000

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