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Why is MagnusMaster ahead?

by DMS Holland 1 Apr 2021 03:59 PDT
MagnusMaster © DMS Holland

The stabilisation of boats is a technically complex issue. However, the specialists at DMS Holland know how to offer a good solution for most situations.

For yachts up to approximately 30 metres, DMS Holland have developed an innovative system using the so-called Magnus effect.

The Magnus effect is the name given to the physical phenomenon that affects the rotation of objects in liquid or air in their forward motion. At this point though, still a theory or at least it was, until the DMS Holland MagnusMaster came along. From speeds of 3 knots, it converts this effect into the stability of your yacht so that you and your guests can enjoy the trip on board in comfort.

This unique solution is more effective at low speeds than fin stabilisation systems, which often only achieve maximum effect at higher speeds upwards of about 9 knots. The MagnusMaster also has the advantage over Gyrostabilisers thanks to its incredibly compact installation size.

Gyrostabilisers on the other hand generally require more of the often limited available space. In addition, the MagnusMaster can be used immediately whereas Gyrostabilisers need some time to get up to speed. The weight of a Gyrostabiliser is also much higher than the weight of the MagnusMaster stabiliser.

That is why MagnusMaster is ahead in stabilising slow-cruising yachts.

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