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VQ115: Speed is nothing without comfort

by Vanquish Yachts 21 Apr 03:43 PDT
VQ115 © Vanquish Yachts

The engineering stage of the VQ115 is going smoothly and we are devoting lots of energy to carefully developing all the onboard systems and interior design.

We have now achieved the right weight to realise our promise of 50+ knots, which is a significant moment in the engineering process.

To ensure an optimal performance at every speed, the VQ115 will feature a Petestep hull that offers - in a nutshell - the following benefits:

  • Greater comfort due to a 50% reduction in wave slamming
  • Far less sound generation from the waves
  • Lower resistance and friction, 35% less energy required to propel boat forward
  • Improved stability at speed and anchor, less prone to heeling

The naval architecture of the aluminium hull is being developed in a close collaboration with Petestep and Studio Delta, the Dutch experts responsible for all Vanquish hulls.

The overall design concept of the VQ115 is a balanced and outstanding combination of an extravagant James Bond-like exterior with an interior that provides a homely feel, with a focus on family, space, light, top-quality materials and comfort. The yacht has various relaxed seating areas and includes a flybridge which will be ideal for al fresco dining and entertaining. The aft garage can accommodate a VQ16, while the side garage offers space for a VQ11 or Williams 285 tender.

As shown by the various articles published, the VQ115 Veloce has been very well received by the press. This publicity led to extra interest from existing and new customers alike and we will keep you posted of further developments.

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