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Four fun water activities to help you staycation like a pro

by MarineMax 22 Apr 09:43 PDT
Four fun water activities to help you staycation like a pro © MarineMax

Summer is right around the corner, and that means fun days on the water lie ahead. See the activities to get tips and tricks on how to make the most of your favorite boating pastime.

1. Day Cruising

Simply being on a boat and cruising around with family, friends, and pets is one of the activities most boaters enjoy the most. Embrace the cruising lifestyle and discover how you can take advantage of raft-up adventures, the art of sterngating, and more.

The boating lifestyle can span many water activities from tow sports to offshore sport fishing and everything in between. Simply being on a boat and cruising around with family, pets and friends is one of the activities most boaters enjoy the most. Cruising can be enjoyed going to planned destinations or just spontaneous adventures on the water, and although all boats can be cruised, some types of boats are designed specifically to provide the most comfortable platform for family and friends to simply enjoy time on the water.

Cruise on

2. Watersports

Looking to crank up monster wakes and learn some new moves? Or just want to zip around the water, pulling the kids in the tube? Read on to get some fresh watersports ideas and learn the trick to getting some serious air when wakesurfing.

Although most boats can tow a tube or water-skier, there are a variety of boats designed specifically for waterskiing and tow sports. These boats have evolved from specialized ski boats from the 50's and 60's designed to create a minimum wake, the advent of the knee-boarding craze of the 70's with larger wakes for jumps and tricks, to the mid-80's that started the wakeboarding phenomenon with even more focus on wake types.

Wake and control systems

To accommodate the demand for a controlled wake many ski boats are designed to enhance the shape of the wakes their boats create. Various approaches and devices help affect a larger wake from a boat with most wake boats today carrying inboard propulsion engines that keep the propeller under the boat, away from the rider.

Ski boat manufacturers offer various options to create propulsion, hull forms and wake shaping control systems that allow for all types of tow sports, waterskiing, knee boarding, wakeboarding and wake surfing. Today's sophisticated control systems with multifunction displays allow the operator to set speeds and wake shapes for individual rider's preferences. Some even have remote controllers that allow the rider to manipulate aspects of the wake while riding.

Hit the waves

3. Fishing

Summer fishing can yield big catches with the right tips and techniques. Even if you don't hook up, this boating pastime is a great opportunity to bond with loved ones.

Fishing boats can be found in several kinds of purpose-built designs ranging from simple bay boats to larger class offshore vessels. These boats are designed, engineered and built for different categories of fishing; freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, inshore, near shore and offshore. The type of fishing boat you end up deciding on should be determined by the type of fishing you choose to do, your location, and other necessities when you're out on the water enjoying your time.

Looking to spend time out on the lake? Learn more about different Lake Boat categories and what they have to offer.

Get hooked

4. Yachting

Yachts are like your own floating resort - perfect for exploring faraway destinations or keeping close to home with the perfect staycation. Get inspired for your next waterborne adventure on our website designed for yachting enthusiasts.

Enjoy an endless staycation aboard your new dream yacht. Head out on your own floating resort with family and friends, plus enjoy special MarineMax Getaways!®, Dayaways!, and events for even more ways to make the most of your new yacht.

The Yachting Lifestyle: A luxury yacht is your own floating resort making any destination in the world your next port-of-call. It opens up an exclusive world of exotic destinations, lavish gatherings, and adventures beyond every horizon.

Coastlines of North America: Let us help you discover destinations that are close to home but far away from everything. Explore coastlines.

Owner events: Yacht owners enjoy exclusive invitations to special events and owner rendezvous at worldwide destinations. See latest events.

Yachting blog: MarineMax has numerous blogs with everything for the adventurous yachtsman. Get into the yacht lifestyles.

Jump into adventure

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