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The new MCY 105 Skylounge, a true one of a kind

by Monte Carlo Yachts 12 Jul 02:37 PDT

Monte Carlo Yachts expands its collection with the new MCY 105 Skylounge: a yacht so unique that has no rivals on the market.

In 2020 Monte Carlo Yachts launched its first Skylounge model, a cutting-edge concept designed and manufactured by an Italian shipyard for the first time, intended to offer a new way of experiencing life on board. Today the company is ready to take the next leap creating a Skylounge version of its outstanding flagship, the MCY 105.

With MCY 105 Skylounge, the shipyard introduces a groundbreaking product, never seen before in this segment: a 32-meter yacht which embodies the concept of enclosed flybridge interpreted by an Italian firm and characterized by an Italian design and style.

Indeed, the new model will surprise owners worldwide for the impressive volumes, comparable with the ones of much larger units. Defining MCY 105 Skylounge, as conventionally done, by the length overall means to underestimate it, since this model introduces a totally new concept of livable and customizable volumes able to amplify the space available on board.

Offering unlimited options in terms of intended uses, distribution of the space and personalization of the different areas, MCY 105 Skylounge guarantees unprecedented levels of freedom allowing unexplored solutions. Wide areas are offered both on the upper and on the main deck which features the spacious owner cabin, while other generous accommodations are located in the lower deck.

With this innovative yacht, Monte Carlo Yachts confirms the customer-oriented attitude that has distinguished the shipyard since the beginnings. For years, the company has been collaborating closely with owners from all over the world, remaining true to its promise of always keeping the customer at the center.

"MCY 105 Skylounge is the result of a continuous exchange of knowledge, opinions and experiences between the shipyard and the worldwide market ", says Sergio Loiacono, MCY' Sales and Marketing Director. "It's also thanks to a privileged relationship we have developed with our customers that we have the opportunity to work on such exciting projects which allow us to push the bar higher and higher."

This ambitious project represents a significant milestone for Monte Carlo Yachts, marking a very clear intent of the shipyard's commitment to innovation.

"Customers reach out to us looking for solutions they can't find on the market", continues Loiacono. "Sometimes, they want to be able to enjoy the yacht in a different way. These are great occasions for Monte Carlo Yachts to truly innovate and propose something completely new and unique. From this point of view, we feel lucky to have the chance to experiment at such a high level and we are pleased to know that our customers trust the shipyard's capability in offering unprecedented solutions."

Once again, Monte Carlo Yachts is collaborating with its long lasting partners, Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard, who boast an extensive expertise in designing mega yachts. MCY 105 Skylounge features MCY Collection's iconic design elements and naval allure such as a perfect balance between hull and superstructure, a painstaking attention to details and proportions, and an attentive distribution of light in the interiors. Moreover, the model offers a variety of interior and exterior areas with overall volumes of a much larger yacht.

MCY 105 Skylounge, the largest yacht of Monte Carlo Yachts' fleet, boasts an enormous enclosed flybridge of over 43 sqm, that opens the way to endless possibilities, assuring super-lative wellbeing on board. Here, own-ers are totally free to choose how to customize and transform the different areas: each space can be comfortably arranged to respond to specific needs and wishes.

"The additional volume offered by the enclosed flybridge provides owners with unmatched levels of freedom", - say Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard - allowing them to customize the yacht according to their personal way of ex-periencing life at sea. It's surprising to think that the whole area of the main deck, or the flybridge, can be destined to uses never imagined before, freeing the creativity and fulfilling the owners' desires in terms of intended use of the space."

MCY 105 Skylounge presents incred-ibly voluminous and versatile spac-es, with features that can be found only on mega yachts. For example, the flybridge can become a wide and comfortable saloon perfect for dining experiences in complete privacy, while the main deck can be transformed into a spectacular beach club, from the bow lounge to the remarkably spacious aft cockpit, for moments of fun and relax-ation with family and friends.

The upper deck living area incorporates the sole, fully equipped, helm station, which offers a 360 degrees sight of the seascape as well as a superlative view of the sky through the transparent ceiling.

One of the real gems of MCY 105 Skylounge is the best-in-class aft terrace overlooking the sea: an astonishing, spacious area where owners can enjoy mesmerizing views in palatial comfort. Indeed, the exterior areas are not compromised at all, including the wide and versatile bow lounge with sun pads and dining tables, an elegant place where owners can relax and enjoy time with family and guests in safety and privacy.

The Asian owner of this disruptive model chose the Italian shipyard for its capability to meet expectations in terms of customization and delivery time. The need was to have a yacht that could be enjoyed not only in extreme cli-mates, but everywhere, thanks to the numerous spacious exterior areas it displays. The new MCY 105 Skylounge will be delivered to its owner at the beginning of summer 2022, when we will see it cruising around the Mediterra-nean Sea in all its grandeur.

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