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Maritimo 2023 S600 LEADERBOARD

Liebowitz & Partners unveils 63m Explorer Yacht EXO

by Liebowitz & Partners 2 Dec 2021 04:07 PST

The power of pure purpose

The power of pure purpose means rationalizing each aspect of the vessel, from concept to detail. Proportions, function, and attitude: There are no elements just for show. From the wavebreaking bow chine to the stern anchor, purpose and enduring beauty are merged as one.

This proposed full-displacement steel ship, Explorer Yacht EXO - meaning outside - will be in her element out on the horizon, or likewise, out in a sheltered cove. Either way, strength, security and peace-of-mind are integral to this contemporary concept.

The purpose of the EXO design adventure is to deliver a concept that is exceptionally complete, while still welcoming the latitude for rapid but meticulous adjustment to the client's individual requirements.

With a potential range of 5000 nautical miles, positioning the vessel globally, within desirable global cruising grounds, is only a matter of planning. The endurance, capability, and reliability of the ship should cater to almost all eventualities and climates.


The proportions of the vessel artfully balance volume, windage, circulation and grace. LP Design's brief included the following priorities: contemporary, functional, exuding strong attitude, and timeless proportions.

Not immediately visible are the circulation paths for guests and crew. Significant planning effort is devoted to refining this key element. While apparently symmetrical, the starboard side of the ship differs from the port, in a number of key ways.

Other particulars include advanced direct-bond glazing for ease-of-maintenance and avant-garde looks, state-of-the-art shade devices, a wide range of exterior gathering zones and features, largest tenders-in-class (10.4m / 34 ft), "security stern", portuguese bridge, and thrilling observation deck way atop.


The superyacht's interior is inseparable from her exterior. Space and form must flow in harmony.

The layout is optimised to offer balanced accommodation, enchanting amenities, and perhaps foremost, an effective and practical service arrangement. This is achieved through effective space planning which allocates the proper amount of space for guests, crew and owner.

The style depicted in those renderings is just one of many potential directions, the final version being informed by the client. Under every path, elegance, rigorous architectural principles, and insightful detailing are a given.

A contemporary, airy feel was sought in the Main Salon. Side entrances avoid the common "corridor effect" resulting in the preferred intimacy of this cul-de-sac configuration. Corner window arrays preserve views aft. Centre table offers passengers a secure hand-hold while traversing the space at sea.

The passageway to the Owner Stateroom is a museum-like space that welcomes the opportunity to securely display the owner's favourite art and objects. Hence, their own personality enriches their environment, while at the same time, augmenting the richness of it

LP Design's vision of the Owner's Stateroom was based on privacy, exemplary functionality, ample storage, and elegance. A light, neutral palette using exquisitely rich materials, lend this skylighted space both comfort and convenience within the suite.

Inevitably, some guests will be less adventurous than others. In which case, relaxation time aboard, especially with the "zero-speed" stabilizers, should be remarkably relaxed. Whether at the outdoor bar, sundeck, pool, beach club, or one of the many other gathering and entertaining spaces aboard. Enchanting ocean wildlife sightings are always a treat, especially from the Observation Deck high atop the ship.

Peace-of-mind, well-being, enjoyment among friends and family are the essence of yachting, combined with the opportunity to enjoy special places, and discover new ones.

Seaworthy layout

The stern anchor arrangement, made practicable by the vessel's configuration, is beneficial to the operation. With it, an experienced skipper has effectively doubled his options with respect to positioning the yacht favourably for guest enjoyment. Views, and windage on the various deck areas - or avoidance thereof - can therefore be managed by mooring decisions.

Nearby, the robustly-mounted, perforated swim platform is designed not to combat wave action, but to permit waves to pass through it.

Decisive thrust control and high-visibility wing stations will permit precision manoeuvrability in close quarters, day and night. The energy concept can be summed up in two words: power and silence. Clean, quiet running machinery for both propulsion and the ship's hotel operation is achievable with the latest, most focussed hybrid diesel-electric technology.

Creative force

Project Designer Richard Liebowitz references his lifetime of yachting at sea to inform his draughtsmanship and design decisions. Understanding the rigours of oceanic journeys, and the architecture which must face such challenges, is the foundation of his work. This, combined with considerable time aboard luxury superyachts, result in real insights into the operations of these vessels, as detailed by the captains and crews which make them work. Liebowitz & Partners have an effective core team that liaises with larger teams, expanding the vast orchestra of talent and labor that embody the art of yacht making.

"Each functional and aesthetic element should work to reinforce the underlying concept": Architect Richard Liebowitz.


  • Length: 63.6 metre / 208 feet
  • Beam: 12.2 metre / 40.0 feet
  • Draft: 3.50 m / 11.46 ft Est.
  • Displacement: 1300 ton estimate
  • Service speed: 14.5 - 16 knots
  • Estimated range: Up to 5000nm
  • Hull material: Mild steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminum
  • Main engines: 2 x CAT 3512E @ 1600 hp each
  • Generators: 3 x 220kW VP + 1 x 110kW VP
  • Stabilizers: Quantum Zero
  • Fuel capacity: 185,000 litres
  • Fresh water: 40,000 litres
  • Grey water: 10,950 litres
  • Black water: 10.900 litres

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