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Wavve helps boaters steer clear of trouble

by Wavve Boating 30 Jun 2022 09:35 PDT
Jeanne-Marie (right) with partner Chris (left) on the open water at sunset © Wavve Boating

As we approach the busiest boating weekend of the summer, Wavve Boating - a marine navigation startup company - is helping boaters all across the continent get from point A to point B safely with their innovative approach to nautical maps.

Recently promoted by Apple as a "New App We Love", and already built-in to over 35% of 2022 SeaDoo models, Wavve's unique approach not only shows the best routes, it intuitively shows boaters where NOT to go, completely customized to each boat to avoid shoals, water hazards and more.

So, what is Wavve Boating? it's an easy-to-use, marine navigation app that helps boaters navigate and explore with ease, while connecting them to the growing boating community. It's like Google Maps or Waze, but for boaters. Users can pinpoint marinas, restaurants, on-the-water-hazards, law enforcement, fishing spots and plenty of other useful points of interest for them and other Wavvers (Wavve users). The POIs are kept on the expansive and real-time Wavve map that also shows up-to-date tides, weather conditions and even wind strength and direction. Boaters now have the resources of an entire boating crew in the palm of their hand.

Wavve's simplistic approach is particularly helpful for first-time boaters which have grown in volume considerably since pre-pandemic years. As reported by the NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association), the number of first-time buyers hit a 15-year record in 2021.

However, more boats on the water has resulted in more boating accidents. The US Coast Guard reports total boating accidents are up 7% when compared to pre-pandemic numbers with a surge of 25% more fatalities than before the pandemic, as well. Wavve is trying to curb those statistics.

One Wavve Boating user recently shared their story while navigating the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Jeanne-Marie, was on their way back from a day of island hopping and the prevailing current caused a delay in return time; forcing them to navigate the difficult waters at night.

The navigation system they had on the boat was outdated and the situation became dire - "I was starting to panic" stated Jeanne-Marie. "Thankfully, I had just found and installed the Wavve app a few days prior... It literally saved us! We used the app to see where we were, the direction we were going, the path to the marina, and most importantly, where the channel markers were so we could stay between them. I stared at the screen and used the app exclusively to guide us in. If we hadn't had that app, we would've been in a really bad place."

Wavve has also been working with boat clubs such as Freedom Boat Club and Carefree Boat Club across North America to help their members navigate with confidence and get home safely.

Don Sanchez, a Freedom Boat Club member, explains his experience: "We joined a boat club and it's been such a help because we don't always have the same boat...The depths are very close to the actual water depth and places of interest and hazards are labeled clearly. Users can add other points of interest as well, like fishing spots, restaurants, hazards, etc. Every time I get on a boat, Wavve is the first thing I pull up."

Wavve Boating helps boaters navigate the water with confidence. You can find Wavve Boating in the Google Play and Apple App Store. Wavve Boating is currently running a 2 week trial offer of their annual subscription.

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