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Sharrow Marine announces the Sharrow XO for V8, V10, and V12 Engines

by Sharrow Marine 26 Mar 16:10 PDT

Sharrow Marine is bringing its award-winning propeller technology to large outboard engines. The all-new Sharrow XO™ Series Sharrow Propellers are designed to harness the power of the modern high performance large diameter hub V8, V10 & V12 outboard motor platforms to their maximum potential.

Today's amazingly powerful 350HP-600HP large gearcase motors are limited by traditional propeller designs. The new groundbreaking Sharrow XO™ Series with True Advance™ Technology performs its best right where these big hub engine configurations need it most, providing impressive lift and efficiency for quick hole shots and improved performance across the board.

Greg Sharrow, founder and CEO of Sharrow Marine said, "With the Sharrow XO™, we are delivering on our promise to provide a precision-engineered Sharrow Propeller that is tailor made for the industry leading large gearcase motors. The Sharrow XO™ will transform our customers' boating experience by giving them the speed, efficiency, and elevated experience they are looking for on the water."

Among the many features boaters can expect from the new Sharrow XO™ Series propellers are longer cruising ranges, a far quieter ride, second-to-none performance in all water conditions, superior low speed grip for docking and idle speed handling, and exhilarating top speed and vessel control. The Sharrow XO™ Series is supported by our leading Sharrow Customer Care with 12 months of damage coverage and the Sharrow commitment for customer satisfaction.

"No longer will high performance, high horsepower boats need to settle for the "good enough" standard prop designs," says Sharrow. "Boaters can now experience the new world class standard for propellers with the Sharrow Marine difference from 150-600+hp," said Sharrow.

The Sharrow Propeller™ has garnered widespread attention for its design, which offers some of the most significant improvements in fuel efficiency and performance that the boating industry has ever seen. Sharrow Marine also won the coveted NMMA® Innovation Awards at the 2020 Miami International Boat Show. The Sharrow Propeller™ is available now for all major outboard manufacturers: Yamaha, Mercury, Honda, Evinrude, Suzuki, Johnson, Nissan, OXE, and COX.

Over the last four years of both independent and factory testing, the Sharrow Propeller has proven to provide the following benefits over standard blade technology: more command of the vessel when docking, up to 30% greater range, significant speed increase at mid-range RPMs, up to 30% more fuel efficient between 2500-4000 RPM, planes at 500-1000 lower RPM, noticeably less vibration, up to 50% more reverse thrust, dramatic noise reduction, and superior handling in tight turns at high speeds.

Performance bulletins, ordering details and customer testimonials are coming soon.


Sharrow XO™ for the Yamaha 350HP, 425HP, and 450HP are available now with a 120-day lead time on orders placed today.

Sharrow XO™ for V10/12 Mercury Motors Reservations are available now for Q1 2024 delivery.

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