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Introducing the Hylas M47 - A first of its kind

by Jamie Gilman 7 Apr 09:50 PDT
Hylas M47 © Jamie Gilman

Hylas Yachts has recently launched its latest addition to its motor yacht line, the Hylas M47. This new downeast powerboat features twin diesel outboard engines and is the first of its kind. The stunning design of the Hylas M47 features large panoramic windows, spacious living areas, a generous-sized cockpit offering multiple options for dining al fresco or indoors, and a functional layout with beautiful, handcrafted timer interiors.

Fans of the M44 model will recognize the Salthouse-designed hull and interiors in the M47, but with an extended swim platform carrying twin 300 horsepower Cox diesel outboards. The M47 has excellent control with the joystick interface, making docking and close-quarter maneuvering a breeze. Compared to the inboard M44's draft of 3.5' the M47 only draws about 18-20", giving you a lot of stability everywhere and extra flexibility when in shallower waters.

One of the most exciting features of the Hylas M47 is its fuel efficiency. The standard configuration provides a 475-gallon fuel capacity with a range of around 500 miles. However, you can add an auxiliary tank to kick that range up to 650+ miles with a total fuel capacity of 600 gallons. The diesel outboards with a single fuel source are significantly more efficient and safer than running on gasoline, with no need to run the generator on a separate aux tank. The outboard configuration not only maximizes the amount of fuel you can carry but also gives you a more peaceful experience by taking the engine noise out of the boat's interior.

The Hylas M47 is an excellent yacht for couples or families who want to take trips for a day or a week without returning to a dock to fuel up constantly. It is an ideal boat to take on the Great Loop or on an extended cruise due to its extended range capability. The M47 is perfect for yachties familiar with outboards. Still, any cruisers interested in maximizing their range and fuel efficiency while enjoying a more straightforward maintenance program will love the possibilities the M47 brings.

Overall, the Hylas M47 perfectly combines power, performance, comfort, and elegance. With its stunning design, extended range, and excellent fuel efficiency, this yacht is a perfect choice for anyone exploring the open waters in style and comfort.

Hull 01 of the M47 is in the US now and available for immediate purchase, private showings, and sea trials. New build slots for the Hylas M-Series are available as soon as late 2023, with two M47 build slots open for the end of 2024.

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