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Airship | McMicking Inlet on Campania Island

by Laura Domela and Kevin Morris 24 Aug 2023 21:46 PDT
Airship anchored in McMicking Inlet © Laura Domela

Yesterday we cruised from Anger Island past Pitt Island, down Principe Channel, through Nepean Sound and Estevan Sound and into McMicking Inlet on Campania Island.

Oh, and I keep meaning to mention... if you click the "Where is Airship?" button on the front page of the blog that shows you where we are via our Garmin InReach, and you see our location marker in a really weird place that a 50 foot boat should NOT be, then it's probably the dinghy. We've been getting in the habit of taking the InReach out with us in the dinghy when we go exploring (and Kevin takes it when he goes fishing, because then we can text back and forth). It's a good safety measure! However, we've gotten a few "Where ARE you guys?" questions from astute followers and friends... not to worry!! Okay, back to the cruise report.

Where Principe Channel connects with Nepean Sound we passed a humpback doing some cool maneuvers...flipping over on its side and splashing a bunch of water with its tail...not like the tail slaps we usually see, the movement was more like the way you'd swing your arm through a pool to splash your little brother.

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