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Airship | And Just Like That, We're Home!

by Laura Domela 7 Sep 2023 18:12 PDT
Airship | And Just Like That, We're Home! © Laura Domela

We got an email from the current owners of the Nordic Tug 24 Snowdrop (previously known as Airship), telling us (1) that they saw (current) Airship in Long Harbour on their evening walk, then (2) that they looked at the blog and learned that we'd already found Snowdrop! They invited us to come by in the morning to see our previous boat and meet in person, so we accepted!

We'd emailed with John and Sarah in 2020 after they first bought the boat, but hadn't met in person. It was so great to meet them, and to see that they love the boat as much as we did. We had a great chat before we headed back to Airship and headed for the U.S.

We left Long Harbour and headed south, making sure to avoid the no-go zone on the west side of North Pender Island (as we watched another boat without AIS just steam right through it...maybe if you don't have AIS and there isn't anyone watching, you can get away with it, but we vote against that).

Clearing Customs into the US was super easy via the CBP Roam app. All our boat/passport/NEXUS information is already in there, so we just submit the arrival as soon as we crossed the border from Canada into the U.S., and in less than a minute they called me on my phone, asked a few questions, and cleared us with a "Welcome Home." No video chat this time, even.

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