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Maritimo 2023 M600 LEADERBOARD

20th Anniversary Maritimo Chapter 5

by Maritimo 1 Feb 13:37 PST
Maritimo C60 © Maritimo

Maritimo was only a young company when its first single level vessel appeared. With the first of Maritimo's ground-breaking flybridge models attracting buyers on both sides of the Pacific, a new, sleek, European inspired C60 was distinctive for both its lack of bridge deck, and expansive entertainment spaces.

The 'C' stood for Cabriolet, which was a model that demanded attention on release, and certainly time has not diminished this in any way. The Continental styling was paired with the Maritimo signature hallmark aft galley and walkaround decks, which together with the tender garage, made the C60 far more desirable than other offerings of that era. Accordingly, they still command a high resale, on the few occasions they do come to market.

Despite a recent offer for the same handsome sum that he paid for the boat back in 2008, Bill Frier says he'll never part with his beloved C60, that sports the name 'Number One' her transom. "This was Bill and Lesley Barry-Cotter's boat that went up as the VIP boat for Hamilton Island Race Week that year. I was invited to the launch and I got to drive 'Number One' around Whitehaven with a group on board, even though I wasn't the owner. There were so many people interested in the boat, so I bought it off Bill there and then, and 'Number One' has never left."

"It's a genuine blue water boat. That's the difference with a Maritimo - Built for distance. Built for comfort. I've got 40 feet of al fresco entertainment space when I open up the doors from the helm to the cockpit. This means I can be driving the boat and I'm still communicating with everybody," Frier added.

Clearly the C60 is very much about the visual cues still held today, with its timeless styling incorporating large saloon and signature aft kitchen, all embraced within that very open and airy environment, offering great visibility and a connection with the outside.

In many ways, the styling displayed in 2008 with the C60 was further refined in 2021 with the release of the acclaimed S55. As part of the evolution of Maritimo, they were enhanced again in 2023 when the prodigious S75 was presented to the world at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show. There is no doubt that the sophisticated elegance displayed throughout the evolution of the S-Series models has led to a greater following, with sales ratios of overall production doubling along the journey.

One person who can definitely place it all into context is Australasian Sales Manager, Ormonde Britton. "It was a quick rollout, probably one of the fastest in the company's history, even by today's standards. There was demand there, and it was met by the C60, and then the C55 in 2008, followed by the C50 in 2009. They all had three variants, with the Cabriolet being more popular than the open and enclosed bridge versions."

"The aft garage ended up being less favoured over time, and people began asking for our M-series vessels, but without the bridge deck. This is really how the S-Series was conceived, with the S48 the first in 2015. The S-Series offered all the ruggedness, practicality, long range, and dependability people loved, together with a traditional lazarette for all manner of gear, which on a Maritimo is always big, and the tender was on a hydraulic swim platform. The arrival of the latter item into the market was probably the main reason the garage lost favour."

"The S-Series craft evolved over time from that first S48, but it was really the arrival of the S55 where the enhanced rake of the windscreen, shorter 'brow' or overhang out front, and elongated roof to cover the cockpit deck that created the clearest demarcation between the two variants. Naturally the hulls were the same, but foredecks and saloon layouts became more unique from that model on," said Britton.

Paul Gibbs, a three-time Maritimo S-Series owner, certainly has experienced and enjoyed the evolution of the S-Series first hand, now owning an S55, and previously the S51 and S43 Sedan Motor Yachts.

"They've maximised the room in the S55 within the overall width and length. The boat's got way more volume in it over and above what the 4 extra feet should have offered," said Gibbs. "The boat went wider in the hull, it's more upright in the sides, than the 51 and that means the downstairs bedroom gets a flat floor all the way to the sides, making it more comfortable and accessible."

“The windscreen is further forward, creating an even larger saloon and the steeper bow angle actually adds around seven or eight feet to the waterline length. All our Maritimo hulls have been amazing, and this one is even better. There’s more volume in the lower part of the bow offering a greater planing surface on the hull, which coupled with our Volvo 800s means we comfortably and economically cruise at 23-25knots.”

"We loved our S51 and being able to cruise single level, instead of someone being upstairs and someone downstairs, trying to make a drink and then trying to get back up the stairs whilst moving. The S-Series with the helm next to the kitchen and the fridge is excellent. So very, very enjoyable, and so very together. I thought the S51 was going to be my last boat, but when I saw the S55 under development, the volume it offered, and the included appliances and finishes it sold itself before the boat was built. I had to also build a bigger jetty at home to fit it."

Single level boaties also take their Maritimo far and wide, such as the client who firstly took their S70 over to New Zealand, and then around both islands." Britton went on to add.

"By and large, the reason people choose an S-Series Maritimo is a bit like why some people drive SUVs, and others are into sportscars. Perhaps think of it as one person buys the coupé, and another gets the convertible of the same model. It is a choice thing, and we also have the Offshore Motor Yachts for those who want to have the added protection of the enclosed transom for young children or pets."

"All in all it is great to either be keeping existing owners in the Maritimo family, or attracting a whole new set of boaties to come and join in," said Britton in closing.

Stay tuned for next story as we take a look at the history of Maritimo Racing.

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