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Maritimo 2023 S-Series LEADERBOARD

Sanlorenzo launches 50Steel

by Sanlorenzo 19 May 23:26 PDT

Over seven hundred guests witnessed the launch of the Superyacht that will introduce the green methanol Fuel Cell system for zero-impact energy production to the market.

Sanlorenzo achieves a new significant milestone in its journey of radical technological innovation towards carbon neutrality: during the 2024 Élite Days, the exclusive event dedicated to its yacht owners, the first unit of the 50Steel was launched, the world's first superyacht that, in July 2024, will be delivered with a Green Methanol Reformer Fuel Cell system, capable of powering the onboard hotel systems with zero emissions.

Not only innovation and sustainability: 50Steel will introduce another innovation to the market destined to mark the history of the yachting industry, the HER (Hidden Engine Room) system, a revolutionary onboard concept that has allowed for the maximization of space to create a precious additional living area, modifying the traditional layout of the boat.

"With the launch of the 50Steel, Sanlorenzo celebrates a fundamental milestone in its history, in the spirit of innovation and sustainability. The new line of superyachts embodies the pioneering spirit and passion for challenges that have always guided us in the design and construction of our fleet", declares Cav. Massimo Perotti, Chairman and CEO of the Sanlorenzo Group. "I believe what sets us apart is the ability to drive industry innovation, embracing cutting-edge solutions not only in design, always elegant and comfortable, but also in the field of technology and sustainability, to achieve the ambitious goals of reducing our environmental footprint."

The green methanol Fuel Cell system

50Steel is the world's first Superyacht to accommodate the modular Reformer - Fuel Cell system, developed in collaboration with Siemens Energy, capable of transforming green methanol into hydrogen and then into electrical energy to power all the yacht's hotel systems without storing hydrogen on board. This revolutionary solution will allow the ship to generate electrical energy up to a maximum of 100kW, with propulsion engines and diesel generators turned off: the system, completely carbon-neutral, significantly increases the time spent at anchor without diesel fuel consumption, covering about 90% of the typical usage time of a superyacht with zero emissions.

The HER system (Hidden Engine Room)

The HER system, patented by Sanlorenzo, allows for new ways of interpreting space while keeping the product under 500 tons of displacement and enables a redesigned layout of the engine room. From the usual two levels occupied, now there is a horizontal development of the propulsion systems and a new distribution of the technical area in the under lower deck. This allows for the exploitation of new spaces in the lower deck area, where an additional lounge, the Ocean Lounge, comes to life, directly connected on one side with the large aft Beach Club equipped with a pool, and on the other with the guest area, where cabins are accompanied by a GYM area and a SPA area.

Unprecedented volumes and elegant spaces, in perfect Sanlorenzo style

50Steel spans over five staggered decks, creating spacious areas and reducing partitions and barriers. This new and disruptive internal architecture is imperceptible from the external profile, which maintains a clean and essential line, in perfect Sanlorenzo style, thanks to the innovative design by Zuccon International Project studio.

Ascending five steps from the Ocean Lounge, you reach the main deck and the heart of 50Steel, consisting of a spacious and sophisticated salon, that epitomizes the essence of the onboard experience.

The stairs, designed to let light through, run through the interior of the boat connecting different areas, from the area dedicated to the gym and SPA on the lower deck, to the second salon on the upper deck. In the middle is the dining room which, thanks to layout opportunities, takes on a new dimension on the 50Steel: clear heights vary from 2.1 meters up to 3.35 meters.

The alteration of the traditional distribution system of spaces has allowed for the optimization of every corner of the boat: 50Steel accommodates four guest cabins and one for the owner, as well as two pools respectively on the aft Beach Club and on the sun deck.

The connection between the different areas is also enhanced externally: the three upper levels are connected via a system of stairs, with maximum level differences of one and a half meters, which do not affect the profile of the boat. Remaining consistent with the principle of maximizing onboard comfort that characterizes Sanlorenzo yachts, the aft Beach Club, with its three open terraces, becomes, when anchored, a 150 sqm beach on the sea.

The synergy among the various spaces is also achieved thanks to the project by Piero Lissoni, the signature behind the interior design of this first unit. Reinventing classic past styles in a contemporary key, Sanlorenzo's Art director has created spaces imbued with sophistication conferred by elements such as coffered ceilings and dark wood walls.

For this complex and challenging project, Piero Lissoni has employed 3D technology for the first time, allowing the technical model developed by Sanlorenzo to be overlaid with the architectural model, ensuring optimal control over every detail.

Technical Data:

  • Overall length: 49.99m
  • Maximum beam: 9.40m
  • Design draft: 2.96m
  • Gross tonnage: 499 GT approx.
  • Hull: Steel
  • Superstructure: Aluminum
  • Guest accomodation: 10 people
  • Crew accomodation: 9 people
  • Engines: MAN D2862-LE489 1066 kW (1450 PS) @ 2100 RPM
  • Generators: 1 x 118 kW
  • Maximum speed (approx) (*): 16 knots
  • Cruising speed (approx) (*): 12,5 knots
  • Economical speed (approx) (*): 11 knots
  • Autonomy at economical speed (approx): 4,000 nm
  • Fuel capacity: 55,000 lt

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