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Meet the latest Hinckley innovation: Jetstick 4®

by Hinckley Yachts 27 May 09:23 PDT
Hinckley Jetstick 4 © Hinckley Yachts

At Hinckley, water jet propulsion is continually innovated. Afternoons on the water when captains would often white-knuckle two levers back and forth are long gone; the brand has become a pioneer in reimagining docking and maneuverability.

When the JetStick originated in 1995, Hinckley was way ahead of any other recreational joystick systems.

"We were the first ones to bring joystick control to the recreational boating market," says Scott Bryant, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Hinckley Yachts. "And we were able to give confidence to a large group of people — you didn't need boat handling experience to buy and own a Hinckley. With a fair amount of ease and a little training, you could maneuver a Picnic Boat into a wide array of different slips and places you wouldn't think to go otherwise."

"JetStick 4 brings reimagined simplicity and intuitive assistance that truly elevates control of your Hinckley." - SCOTT BRYANT, HINCKLEY VP

As such, the innovative JetStick system allowed owners to focus on guests and family versus worrying about how to operate their boat. Today, as Hinckley celebrates the 30th anniversary of the Picnic Boat, the system has strategically evolved since its 1995 debut. When JetStick 2 launched in 2012, it introduced a GPS locking system, allowing the boat to take coordinates from satellites and hold itself in one place. With this virtual anchor of sorts, captains could leave the helm and put fenders on the boat or enjoy a sailboat race, hassle free.

And when Hinckley introduced JetStick 3 in 2019, it featured commercially rated equipment, Heading Hold™, and Dynamic Steering™. Fast- forward to 2023, and the unveiling of JetStick 4 ushered in the most advanced system to date. "With JetStick 4, we've doubled down on the experience of using our boats," says Bryant. "It's not just about ease of use for maneuverability. We've changed the interface so it's highly automated. JetStick 4 brings reimagined simplicity and intuitive assistance that truly elevates control of your Hinckley."

Historically, when wanting to steer with a JetStick, operators would push a button or use a rotary knob. Yet with JetStick 4, depending on how the boat is desired to run, captains can simply start using the technology and the system knows automatically how the boat wants to be handled and adapts accordingly. "We also introduced a feature called Dockhold™" says Bryant, "which enables you to pull into a dock and the system holds the boat lightly against the dock so you can leave the helm and tie up the boat without it floating away. It becomes a true one-person act. We don't evolve these technologies just for the sake of evolving them. We're constantly innovating the best possible platform for creating lasting memories with friends and family."

At a glance: The evolution of the Hinckley JetStick

1995: JetStick 1 made its debut, way ahead of any other recreational joystick system.
2012: Hello, JetStick 2. The second generation introduced a GPS locking system, allowing the boat to take coordinates from satellites.
2019: Commercially rated equipment, Heading Hold™, and Dynamic Steering™ was announced with JetStick 3.
2023: The latest iteration, JetStick 4, is the most lauded to date, with an automated interface that makes maneuverability and docking a breeze.

Experience the JetStick 4 video

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