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Maritimo 2023 M600 LEADERBOARD

And thank you very much… - newsletter


And thank you very much…

Maritimo 2021Oct - S60 LEADERBOARD


The journey begins. - photo © Maritimo

Dear Recipient Name

Been a big year for Maritimo. It started with an announcement that there would be no less than eight model launches or announcements during the course of 2021. M55 kicked us off, and then there was S55 at Sanctuary Cove. We've been lucky enough to drive them both, and you can read all about that simply by clicking on the hyperlinks attached to their nomenclature.

Space, and a deft new sleeker style seemed to be the major hallmarks, which was so very clearly highlighted with the new M600 and S600 from the Offshore Series that came soon after. M60 and S60 that followed them left me with the impression that if M55 felt like something up to say 64 feet, then M60 may well be the equivalent of 72 feet.

Adventure deck is massive, especially with the option extended marlin platform - New Maritimo M55 - photo © John Curnow
Adventure deck is massive, especially with the option extended marlin platform - New Maritimo M55 - photo © John Curnow

The opening image that has just filtered down from Maritimo HQ shows something sleek all right, like all the new breed do, and we'll simply have to wait until early December to find out just exactly how much real estate we're talking about. It was all very much like The Go-Go's when I asked. At any rate, it is bound to be class leading, no matter which class 'Number Seven' just happens to land in... So thank you Maritimo for sharing this sneak peek.

Composites Constructions 2021 v3 - CAPE50 - MPU Aquaventures 2021 Nov - SeaAngel - MPU

Impressed then; still enamoured now.

When the Nuvolari-Lenard penned, 115m 'Enzo' was unveiled by Lürssen's in June it was like someone had been in my mind. I had been yearning for a real Clipper bow, and here it was - and how! She immediately scored a spot in The rice paddies of Bali, as we took a look at all things design wise.

Lürssen unveils project Enzo - photo © Lürssen Yachts
Lürssen unveils project Enzo - photo © Lürssen Yachts

Moran Yacht and Ship sent in a note to say that she had been christened now, as AHPO. "This marks an important milestone in her journey to delivery", it said, which is certainly true enough. However, the really important note for me was the statement, "Built for a repeat client, AHPO's owner was extremely impressed with the build process and wanted to replicate the experience, right down to the same build and design team.' Like if that is not one of the biggest Victor Kiam moments since, well, Victor himself and Remington.

AHPO is fully equipped with the latest technology and engineering systems in order to reduce electrical power consumption and emissions. Well of course she. You could just simply not have something like her do anything but all of that and more.

Maritimo 2021 - Brand Models MPU Marine Auctions 2019 600x500

Wax on. Then wax on some more!

And you thought I was going to say wax off... So I waxed on about Somnio a fair bit in July's Just plain cool (So too's this one, and also that...). It's understandable given what she represents and all, so just indulge me a weenie bit more, if you will. Some examples of her interiors popped up.

Interiors by Tillberg Design of Sweden - photo © Tillberg Design of Sweden
Interiors by Tillberg Design of Sweden - photo © Tillberg Design of Sweden

Of course, design is immediately subjective, almost like wine. Some you like, and others, well... However, in the case of Somnio, the materials from Luttenberger, Winch Design and Tillberg were all outstanding, but my favourite has to be the latter. So Scando-simplistic. Awesome. Take a bow...

Sea Sure 2020 - SHOCK-WBV - MPU Coast Guard Foundation MPU 3

Kiss chasey

From bow to swim platform - all on one level - Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray
From bow to swim platform - all on one level - Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray

Back in September, Boston BoatWorks released some initial imagery for a new Doug Zurn penned vessel for Barton & Gray Mariners Club, the Daychaser 48. OK. The era of the dayboat just got epoxied into place in addition to the screws and Sikaflex that had held them there on the podium of yachting so staunchly.

Amazing amenity and upstairs and aft galley to connect everyone - Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray
Amazing amenity and upstairs and aft galley to connect everyone - Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray

Modern in every way when you looked closely, yet distinctly Downeast not matter which way you looked, but the telling tale was when you got into the detail. A bow rider meant there was every bit of her lending herself to her name. No bunks and cabins being hauled around here. That was about as obvious as the pair of waterjets hanging off her transom.

Daychaser 48 - photo © Boston BoatWorks
Daychaser 48 - photo © Boston BoatWorks

Speed, entertainment, flowing design with multiple zones, and then out and back to wherever you wanted to go, probably before you even needed to turn the nav lights on. Got it. Oh, and somebody else would hose her down and get her set to do it all again tomorrow. Bring it on.

A couple of weeks ago the General Arrangements showed up, and it was all confirmed in ink. A bathroom and small sort of table and desk, and you're done. OK. OK. There's one sort of bed like fixture, but there are no portholes, and so it is probably more about a place to sit whilst you change, or do up your shoes, perhaps even stow all the bags. Alas, let's not labour the point, and I'm sure you get it now.

Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray
Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray

So the moulds are in play now, and with less fit out than a conventional cruiser, you'd have to think they'll be faster to turn out. Infuse the resin over the core, fit the timbers and appointments, place in the donks and jets, complete the upholstery, and hey presto. Summer fun for anyone who is lucky enough to be in the Barton & Gray clan. Given the geometric rise of boating in the new world, you'd have to think that it all means the right product on offer, bang smack at the right time.

The mould for Daychaser 48, with the first hull actually in production now. - photo © Barton & Gray
The mould for Daychaser 48, with the first hull actually in production now. - photo © Barton & Gray

Officially, the text of their release says, "Since 2006, Barton & Gray has executed tens of thousands of yacht excursions and has become synonymous with the ultimate in oceanfront living," said Barton & Gray Co-Founder and CMO Douglas Gray. "In creating the Daychaser '48, Barton & Gray Yachtworks is incorporating everything we've learned about how to spend the perfect day on the water, optimizing for eating, drinking, and spending idyllic moments with friends and family."

Sure. Sure. But I think their very next paragraph summed up the key buying messages of safety, fun, and amenity. "The design for the Daychaser '48 has been approved by the Coast Guard to meet the highest safety standards. Combining high-tech construction techniques with Barton & Gray's exclusive ability to offer members unforgettable experiences, the Daychaser '48 boasts ample space for socializing, from a bar and lounge space to a Beach Club on the stern for water sports and beach access." Party on, dude!

Turn of speed, modern build techniques, and classic styling - Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray
Turn of speed, modern build techniques, and classic styling - Daychaser 48 - photo © Barton & Gray

OK. Today you will find that the site has an abundance of material from right across the globe, and if you cannot find something, just try the search button right up the top of the landing page, above our logo.

So as you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other parts of the group, go to the top of the Powerboat.World home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the site you want to see and, voila, it's all there for you.

Finally. Please look after yourselves.

John Curnow
Global Editor, Powerboat.World

Custom 74ft HeySea Power Catamaran
Camper & Nicholsons would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the new owners of the custom 74ft Heysea Power Catamaran.

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Adventures ahead: Inside Van der Valk's 34m explorer Lady Lene
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Project Cosmos hits the water! Heesen launches largest yacht to date, a mighty 80-metre superyacht
Heesen is delighted to announce that on November 19, 2021, YN 19480, Project Cosmos was launched at the shipyard in Oss.

"Get the Grady for the ultimate boating experience!" Says this ten-time Grady owner
The first thing Theo Ruijgh wants to tell you when he talks about his Grady-White boats-all ten of them, including one he purchased twice-is that every day he gets on his boat is a good day.

NEMO submersible showpiece and new addition to the NEMO series
Reflecting on a successful debut at the 2021 Monaco Yacht Show, the NEMO was showcased confirming it was a smash hit even before its official launch.

GT320S, the new Invictus Yacht outboard model ready for its world debut at Boot 2022
The Invictus Yacht fleet continues to grow as the shipyard is ready to present the brand new GT320S as a World debut at the next Boot in Düsseldorf.

Introducing the updated Back Cove 372
When the production molds for the Back Cove 37 finally gave out in 2020 due to boatbuilding wear-and-tear, the Back Cove Design team seized the opportunity to reexamine the 37 with over a decade of owner feedback and recent design advancements in mind.

MTI wins RWO/UIM World Championship - Key West recap
Nothing has quite the ring like World Champions, and this year MTI brought home the RWO/UIM World Championship after a week of competitions in Key West, Florida.

METSTRADE 2021: SHOCK-WBV and Omega - we speak to Daniel Henderson
Mark Jardine chats to Sea Sure's Daniel Henderson about the SHOCK-WBV and Omega shock mitigation units, with a slow-motion demonstration of Omega.

Jarrett Bay Insider Special Repower Series - Iron Leader makes a powerful debut
It has all led up to this! Jarrett Bay custom hull #48 has enjoyed a bevy of updates and the fitment of North America's first set of 2433 mhp Cat® C32B engines.

Introducing the Viking Yachts 54 Open Series
Our new 54 Open Series provides the versatile owner-operator configuration of a Viking express-style yacht with greater size and performance. In fact, it's the largest express model we've ever built.

2021 Nordhavn 41 video tour with sales representative Garrett Severen
Nordhavn southeast sales representative Garrett Severen gives a video tour of the brand new Nordhavn 41.

Aquila Power Catamarans continues to expand with a brand-new Offshore line
Aquila Power Catamarans continues to expand with a brand-new Offshore line. Introducing two new 2022 outboard models built for extreme offshore adventures, fishing outings and family fun.

Cobalt introduces sports performance and a timeless design in the new family-sized R4 Surf runabout
Premium luxury manufacturer Cobalt Boats has announced the introduction of its all-new R4 Surf, a well-appointed family-sized sport runabout boasting sleek lines, crisp handling and integrated Cobalt Custom-Wave Technology.

Wally WHY200: the first full-wide-body superyacht that combines design, space and speed
WHY200 is the first unit of the new WHY range, which made its World debut at Cannes Yachting Festival 2021, is going to leave an indelible mark on the world of yacht design.

First look at METSTRADE 2021: Scanstrut Flip Pro and Nest
Mark Jardine chats with Grant Fox, Marketing Manager at Scanstrut, about two of their new products, Flip Pro and Nest, bringing new levels of power and convenience to charging your phone and other devices on your boat.

Horizon Tri-Deck FD92 launches
Horizon's Fast Displacement (FD) Series has evolved exponentially since it was first unveiled to the market, with client customization requests inspiring the introduction of several new models and configurations.

Dreaming of your next holiday on the water?
Dreaming of your next holiday on the water? GetMyBoat is redefining the concept of yacht charter, bringing together yacht owners and sailors ready for their next adventure afloat, whether it's for a day, a week, or more.

The eye catching design of the 50 Metre M/Y Olokun in more detail
Full photography has been released of the sophisticated M/Y Olokun, the third unit in Tankoa's 50-metre series of all-aluminum yachts with sleek exterior styling and interior layout by Francesco Paszkowski and interior decor by Casa Dio Miami/London.

Introducing the Evolution Collection
From utility to pleasure, to incorporating new technologies, we have altered course to accommodate the needs of our clients and create an experience that is worthy of their time on the water.

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