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Maritimo 2023 S-Series LEADERBOARD

Just plain cool (So too's this one, and also that…) - newsletter


Just plain cool (So too's this one, and also that…)

Maritimo 2021 - M600 - LEADERBOARD


Cape50 steaming along beside Albert Park on Melbourne's Port Phillip. - photo © John Willis

Dear Recipient Name

When I saw the mould for the Cape50 being constructed I was pretty impressed. A lot of nice thinking, and a bunch of even better curves went into her creation. The Covid beast meant I never got to see her for real, other than in still and motion imagery, and then it struck again with the cancellation of the Sydney Festival of Boating, where Hull #1 was going to be on display.

At any rate, Hull #2 is available in time for Christmas 2021. Yes! That is this very year. So if you have missed out, but want an Express Cruiser par excellence, then simply click right now. There are two more scheduled for production in 2022, so don't feel like you're going to be in a bidding war.

Vinylester resin being infused into the hull of the Cape50 - photo © Composites Constructions
Vinylester resin being infused into the hull of the Cape50 - photo © Composites Constructions

The Cape50 is also semi-customisable in terms of final layout and colour schemes. Go with a turquoise hull and gold coachhouse roof, or be Euro and make it anthracite with silver. Your call, but make that call, for once word gets out that there are just a few to be had in the next little while, there may well be a bit of a queue...

The Cape50 is Australian designed and built in the Melbourne suburb of Braeside. Her father, Stephen Campbell, is a proud Melburnian, and ocean racer. A shipwright with over 30 years of experience, the Cape50 reflects his values for light and strong, stylish and distinguished. To that end, the hull, deck, and bulkheads are fully vinylester resin infused. There is no wood in the structural components and the foredeck and coachhouse roof are done in carbon fibre, because of the span and the additional weight saving, especially over that super fine entry she sports.

Carbon fibre coachhouse roof of the Cape50 in its mould - photo © Composites Constructions
Carbon fibre coachhouse roof of the Cape50 in its mould - photo © Composites Constructions

The E-Glass beauty is just 12,500kilos at half load, which goes a long way to explaining why she can easily pull 35 knots from just a pair of 440hp donks (Volvo Penta IPS600). If you were so inclined, you could even use the 650s (same block), and crack on towards 40. Just saying, and you'll be doing it at a combined burn rate that many others would be happy to achieve off just one close collection of iron ladies residing down below.

Oh. Did we mention there is a baby sister due in 2022 - the Cape45?

Maritimo 2021 - Brand Models MPU Aquaventures 2021 - Sea Angel MOB - MPU

Swan Shadow

Swan Shadow when launched at Scarlino - photo © Nautor's Swan
Swan Shadow when launched at Scarlino - photo © Nautor's Swan

Boat in a pool. I don't know. I kind of got lost into another world of memories, films, locales, times, and the literal pot pourri of ideas. Swan Sardinia Challenge, with 34 One Design yachts cruising in the crystal waters of Porto Cervo at the end of June, but I just could not get past the Swan Shadow in the pool back at Scarlino when it was launched. Sure. Why not? Works for me. You?

The new Swan Shadow at the Sardinia Challenge based out of Porto Cervo - photo © Nautor's Swan
The new Swan Shadow at the Sardinia Challenge based out of Porto Cervo - photo © Nautor's Swan

Marine Auctions 2019 600x500 Highfield Boats - PBW - MPU

They had me at GT40

Not a lot more to add to that, really... There was also a Fairline F//Line33 present as well, and it certainly has enough cred to mark it as a serious vessel in the dayboat category.

The Fairline F//LINE 33 and its design inspiration, the 1960s GT40 sports car, bringing the sunshine to Ipswich. - photo © Fairline Yachts
The Fairline F//LINE 33 and its design inspiration, the 1960s GT40 sports car, bringing the sunshine to Ipswich. - photo © Fairline Yachts

Designer Alberto Mancini was heavily inspired by the distinctive curves, elegance and allure of classic 1960s sports cars when he created Fairline's F//LINE 33. There is now also an alternative configuration for the F//LINE 33, with a new cockpit layout that provides both sunbathing and seating options simultaneously, as well as a larger helm, a sleek hard top, and a below deck galley. Go bold, all the way, and get one of these super primary colour wraps, too!

The Fairline F//LINE 33 and its design inspiration, the 1960s GT40 sports car, bringing the sunshine to Ipswich. - photo © Fairline Yachts
The Fairline F//LINE 33 and its design inspiration, the 1960s GT40 sports car, bringing the sunshine to Ipswich. - photo © Fairline Yachts

Maritimo S55 - Archangel in the house

We were fortunate enough to get out on Maritimo's new S55 last month, and have just published this review of our time with the 'Ultimate Adventurer', as Maritimo call her. You'll develop your own name for her, but in the meantime, come see what we found out... No second fiddle for this lass. She's well and truly First Violin material, and could be aiming for Leader of the Orchestra.

World Champions, Rosco Willaton and Tom Barry-Cotter in the capacious Main Saloon of the new Maritimo S55 - photo © John Curnow
World Champions, Rosco Willaton and Tom Barry-Cotter in the capacious Main Saloon of the new Maritimo S55 - photo © John Curnow

Composites Constructions 2021 - CAPE50 - MPU Sea Sure 2020 - SHOCK-WBV - MPU

Not an Alfetta

Which was when I first got to become aware of the name, Sportiva. Now just as the Alfa was all about a bit of fun, I got the impression this new Tankoa line is kind of doing the same thing. The first model in Tankoa's dynamic Sportiva line is the 55, which is rated at under 500GT, and also has a smaller 45m and larger 65m pair of sisters to ponder.

Tankoa Sportiva 55 - photo © Tankoa Yachts
Tankoa Sportiva 55 - photo © Tankoa Yachts

'Immediate harmony' was how Tankoa described their bond with designer, Luca Dini. As you can tell, I pretty much had the same thing with the final product. Like many, he has an automotive bent to it all, and Dini says, "The style is rigorous yet timeless and deliberately contrasts with a layout designed for informal contemporary living."

Tankoa Sportiva 55 - photo © Tankoa Yachts
Tankoa Sportiva 55 - photo © Tankoa Yachts

We've reviewed and talked about it a lot over the last few years, and it is in the vessel's tail end with sauna, pool, gym and terraces that the secret is revealed; the partially submerged windows of the beach club. Watch the video just to have some James Bond fun.

The Sportiva 55 can also be fitted with hybrid propulsion, where engineering all moves for'ard, and this allows the four guest cabins on the lower deck to have direct access to the spa and beach club. Bring it on, I say, especially as you only talking about displacement speeds, not engaging the warp drive. The Sportiva is into lifestyle and pleasure, not the stopwatch.

Tankoa Sportiva 55 - photo © Tankoa Yachts
Tankoa Sportiva 55 - photo © Tankoa Yachts

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Going even LARGER

Somnio - photo © Winch Design
Somnio - photo © Winch Design

Some time back now I had heard about permanent passengers living aboard the luxe decks of Cunard's QE2, sailing the world endlessly. I suppose if you were happy not having too much input into the itinerary, and the fees were not going to impinge on your annual stipend from the fund, then you were definitely going to be looked after handsomely. Perhaps this is why, The World, did so well. More freedom. More bespoke, and an even higher barrier to entry to make it not so much seven star, as a whole sky full of them.

Well, after Lady Moura featuring in Going LARGE, I definitely got the point of Somnio. 39 apartments on six decks of a 222m gem by Winch Design, and she's presently in-build at VARD in Norway. Yes. This IS happening. Kick off is from EUR9.5M. I think they can say that, "Owners will share a truly unique lifestyle at sea, with a hand-picked crew and a never-ending global itinerary of carefully selected destinations and experiences befitting a yacht of this nature."

Somnio - photo © Winch Design
Somnio - photo © Winch Design

Yet they had me at the "...spectacular 10,000-bottle capacity wine cellar and tasting room". I mean, give me a few years and a couple of pals, and we'll do our best versions of Mr Creosote for all and sundry: Nebbiolos for New York, chilled Tempranillo in the Balearics, a light Gamay to accompany the cheese platter in the Med, Pinot Gris for the South Pacific, and full bore Shirazes for Antarctica. Can't be that hard...

Only the one viewing of the Crane Brother's taste off is allowed, however. What will be your "unimaginable experiences" as you slowly travel the world?

Somnio - photo © Winch Design
Somnio - photo © Winch Design

OK. Today you will find that the website has an abundance of material from right across the globe, and if you cannot find something, just try the search button right up the top of the landing page, above our logo.

So as you see, there are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with. Please do savour... We're really enjoying bringing you the best stories from all over the globe. If you want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Remember too, if you want to see what is happening in the other parts of the group, go to the top of the Powerboat.World home page and the drag down menu on the right, select the site you want to see and, voila, it's all there for you.

Finally. Please look after yourselves,
John Curnow

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Tri - Apex for Centre of Buoyancy
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Tankoa announces the birth of Linea Sportiva
Tankoa has unveiled its new Linea Sportiva by Luca Dini in a live Zoom event. Conceived and designed to expand the market offering of the Genoa-based boutique brand, the first model in the dynamic series is the Sportiva 55 rated at under 500GT

Maritimo S55 - Make way for the Archangel
Yes indeed. Hark the herald. The angels certainly are singing with this one. So jump on board, as we're off for a spin...

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With passage of Florida Anchoring Bill, BoatUS seeks solution for the long haul
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Sirena Yachts delivers units 3 and 4 in its flagship 88-foot series
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Take a tour of Pursuit's all new DC 246 Dual Console
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Fairline brings sunshine with new images of F//LINE 33 and one of its design inspirations, the GT40
Standing out for all the right reasons, Fairline Yachts brought the sunshine to Ipswich this week with a photo shoot of its award-winning dayboat, the F//LINE 33, posed with a 1960s GT40, both in eye-catching yellow.

Absolute becomes first shipyard with Volvo Penta Assisted Docking across its entire range of yachts
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A closer look at CLB88, the motor yacht reimagined for the modern era
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Introducing the Atlante Mistral 41
First in a six yacht series of semi-custom Superyacht designs, the Atlante Mistral 41 is designed for a modern and dynamic yachting lifestyle that is both informal and elegant and where interaction with the sea is paramount.

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