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Maritimo 2022Mar - S75 LEADERBOARD

Zen and wellness centre

by John Curnow, Global Editor, Powerboat.World 27 May 2021 13:00 PDT
Zen and Wellness - Palm Beach GT60 © Palm Beach Motor Yachts

Unequivocally, these were both the words and sensations that prevailed as I first stepped onto, and then into, Hull #2 of Palm Beach's GT60 series. Built for a very seasoned boatie indeed, she carries twin Volvo Penta IPS950s that still put her into the mid 30s, whereas Hull#1 we looked at in Drop dead gorgeous! had the 1350s under her saloon floor, and blasted out well past 40!

Some do not like the more Euro take on a classic Downeast form, but for me, this anthracite gem is bang on. After all, if you're going to depart from the tracks, you may as well go the whole journey... She's very Zen, quite the high-end Japanese restaurant, and yes, with potted plants and scent sticks all around the place, along with the plush furnishings contrasting against both her adroit lines and sumptuous curves, there is an immediate peace on offer. All you have do is yield. So I did. A massage, and half an hour in the steam room simply would have completed the deal.

If you're the kind that gets into how well things can be done architecturally, then she is for you, with the liner of the coachhouse roof something to behold. Regrettably this does not translate so well into 2D. It's like walking in to a vaulted cathedral in Portugal, but obviously re-imagined centuries later. The overriding sensations are that she is both cosy and warm, yet open, uplifting and gratifying. If that's not enough to make you sit on the floor cross legged, place your thumbs on your middle fingers and chant 'Oooohhhhhmmmmmmm' then really I have no more words for you to read.

Should you have a propeller cap on all the time like me, even if it's a virtual one, admiring the detail in said curves that create the vaulted feeling would have you contemplating the hours that went into sanding and preparing the plug from which the mould was taken that creates the carbon fibre lid in question. It joins the superstructure just above the taper of the main glass, and does make you want to reach out and touch it. Grab your Hewlett-Packard scientific calculator and your slide rule; it's time to have some fun... nerd power rules!

Now if I were an interior designer, I may have looked seriously at a charcoal wash of the deck inside, even contemplating wide planks with maybe a contrasting pale Air Force blue caulking, then laid a satin sealer over the top, all the while taking my inspiration from a wonderful Saville Row bag of fruit (suit). Too far? Well it might not have brought out the earthiness of the dark African hardwood, but playing with the renders sure would have been fun!

Externally the loss of the bow rail makes the picture complete, and if you should get on board and can look past all of the above, or the amazing single pane that is the windshield (for that is the most apt description and harks back to a Daytona Spyder, or either of Maserati's 3500GT, and Ghibli Spyders - especially with the sunroof open), then there are other delights to await your arrival. Once you've finished marvelling, do take a look at the way the silver non-skid has been done, for it is a work of art, and yes, it's all hand laid.

So why's this all so important? Well with boating being the new 'it' item for the COVID world, right here is perhaps the most significant embodiment of that very notion in a vessel you drive yourself, and can go to that special place to put all in the world right. You never know. If you practice enough mindfulness anywhere from foredeck to Master Stateroom, Main Saloon to feet dangling over the edge of the marlin platform, then you just might get to connect with the late and great Dr Wayne Dyer.

Alternatively you could just skip all of that, open a great red, put on Kung Fu Panda, and laugh your head off as you go chase inner peace. Your call...

Big girl set to own the stage

Heard the warbles a while back, even saw the set decorators creating the whole show en locale, and soon there'll be a full animation to showcase the grand spectacle that will be the arrival of the first Grand Banks into the superyacht arena; the GB 85.

There is no doubt she is massive, predominantly courtesy of her substantial 22-foot beam. Yet her warped plane hull form and IPS power will ensure she has a swift and efficient motion through the water, all the while offering a low running attitude as her super fine entry slices a place for the rest of her broad and flat volume to follow on in behind. As a platform, she will be able to run twin, triple and even quad power, so it will be interesting to see where other hulls go as it all pans out...

No doubt this will be a very interesting arrival into a place with many an established brand, especially in the Northern Hemisphere, all asking for a buyer's attention. The GB quality will be there, and it will be up to the overall, in-the-flesh aesthetic to do the rest.

Mercedes-Benz, Batman and other great icons

So that would mean the gull-wing door. Axopar's incredible versatility, ease of getting around, and performance have hit a well and truly in tune chord, the world over. They are yet another company who cannot keep up with demand. 1000 a year is just not enough.

I love the gull-wings for how they add air, and make so much of the vessel usable in different ways when at rest. Below you can opt for a separate head, or have it located under the seating to keep the open feel. Shade or bright sunshine is up to you from stem to stern, and you can go from 30-60 knots depending on the way you want to go boating. Yes it is true; I need to spend more time with the Finnish arrows built in Poland. Much more...

Powerhouse brand delivers - again

Beneteau's dealer, Flagstaff Marine, displayed the new Swift Trawler 41, which is available in flying bridge (as seen here) and sedan version. Gianguido Girotti's product team have continued to evolve this model, and listened to requests, the most notable with this craft was the aft galley. In combination with the sliding aft seating console that goes out to make the cockpit area that much bigger again, and the foldable table that stows brilliantly in the galley, it all ends up being a large space.

The collapsible davits seen on many of Beneteau's craft just add to the open feel. Talking of things seen before, the ladder for the bridge also stows up flush against the galley, allowing more chairs, and freedom to get around. I also liked the twin seating at the lower helm.

There have been something like 1400+ units of the this product line sold worldwide over time, so you can bet this twin screw über-practical vessel (capable of making it well into the 20s) is going to continue to push this family well into the future.

After the Sanctuary Cove show, Flagstaff Marine's Graham Raspass commented to me, "I've never come across so many well-educated buyers, having read and watched everything there is online. It was very noticeable." We hear you Graham, and now would be a super time to offer a quick note of thanks to the ever-expanding group of regular readers here on Powerboat.World, along with the group's other websites.

One to look out for

The RIB has certainly cemented its place in the market, beginning first with utility, and later adding sportiness and cool chic also into the mix. All of that sounds very Italian, so I was interested about Lomac, which Flagstaff Marine import into Australia. They had an Adrenalina and a Gran Turismo on display at Sanctuary Cove. The former comes in 7-14m sizes and as the name implies, is one for the thrill seekers. The latter comes in 8-14.5m variants and adds amenities like head and shower.

I very much enjoyed driving the IN600 off Barenjoey Head a few weeks back. The IN series is the more regular fare, if anything Italian can be described as such. At any rate, my sojourn proved it to be very capable, safe, stable and dry, with more than enough poke afforded from her 100hp Suzuki on the transom. I note that we just ran news of an upgraded fishing version that is on the way called Big Game. Now I am not sure that you are going be going after billfish in one, but a convertible that allows you to fish and take people on day jaunts sounds cool.

The company's announcement stated, "The new Big Game 760, 600 and 540 are the only inflatable boats on the market designed to cater for all three main fishing techniques: trolling, drifting and spinning. When not used for fishing, the boat's new interior layout means it can be quickly transformed into a pleasure craft." Right oh. Bring it on.

There's a reason they're selling loads

Speaking of fishing... Sanctuary Cove was also the first outing for the very new to the country Arvor 705. It premiered along with bigger sister 805, which only came in about a month ago. The latter can take up to 350hp in single or twin screw, and just like the 705 and big sister 905, they are all class leading in this way. They will all be at the impending Sydney Festival of Boating, so you can see them there, and even better, as there are boats coming in regularly, you can secure yours right here, right now.

Ever growing family

Speaking of sales, it is of little surprise that the Maritimo clan is ever burgeoning in numbers and supporters. The new M55 is such a sales champ. David Crothers is from Perth, and been a Maritimo owner for 14 years already. He simply loves the M55, and has ticked a lot of the option boxes for his new M55 (Hull #2), including a pair of Scania's 925hp inline sixes. These have already seen her go into the low 30s with half load, so fast cruising up the coast of Western Australia thanks to her 4550l of Diesel on board is guaranteed. WoooHoooooo.

Speaking of family, it was so very apt to have members of the team that make the very Maritimo's we talk about here - along with keeping the company itself going no matter what - be responsible for completing the official launches of the M55 and even newer S55, which was just one day old when it headed into the Sanctuary Cove show. Nice. Fitting, commensurate, and very much in keeping with the times in which we presently live.

OK. Today you will find that the website has an abundance of material from right across the globe, and if you cannot find something, just try the search button right up the top of the landing page, above our logo.

There are stories, lessons, inspirations and history to regale yourself with across all of our websites. Please do savour... If you would like to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

John Curnow
Global Editor, Powerboat.World

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