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Durable Isolation Transformers make power onboard safe

by Hubbell Marine 25 Sep 11:31 PDT
Hubbell Isolation Transformers © Hubbell Marine

Shore-side AC power supplies often deliver electronics-damaging voltage dips and surges, especially when neighboring vessels plug into and out of the system. Even more serious, a reverse polarity situation can arise that causes galvanic corrosion and introduces stray current into the surrounding water, creating a shock hazard. Hubbell Marine's six models of Isolation Transformers overcome these serious problems by separating the dock power from the boat's for clean, safe and consistent onboard 120/240V electricity.

Hubbell Isolation Transformers are available in combinations of 15 and 25 kVA, and 60 or 50/60 Hz. They're engineered to function with 50 and 100 amp systems. Pre-wired, they can be installed per ABYC E-11 for either a polarization or isolation transformer system. The devices carry UL and ABYC approvals.

Available with a 316 stainless steel or white powder-coated vibration-resistant housing, Hubbell Isolation Transformers feature a drip lid cover that provides easy access to the main module, terminal block and Hubbell Auto-Boost/remote cable receptacle. Sand-filled and topped with epoxy, they're built for long-lasting use in a marine environment. Robust mounting brackets welded to the base ensure rock-solid stability, no matter the sea state.

Hubbell Isolation Transformers are exceptionally light and compact. The 15kVA model is 43cm H x 35.8cm W x 29.4cm D and 77.1kg. The 25kVA unit is 113.3kg. and 46.8cm H x 40.9cm W x 33.8cm D.

With the available Auto-Boost, Hubbell Isolation Transformers will run a check of the electrical system upon startup. If low voltage is detected, the device will automatically boost the output by 12.5%. It can be configured to run in static mode, or monitor and regulate voltage every hour in dynamic mode during normal operation. With the Auto-Boost control panel mounted remotely with the included 9.75m cable, it's simple to program the device boost power from 190V up to 220V. In addition to UL listing, Hubbell Marine's Isolation Transformers are designed and installed in accordance with ABYC E-8 and NFPA 302 requirements.

For more information contact Hubbell Marine Electrical Products, Tel: +1-727-304-7638 or visit

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