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Five decades of excellence

by Windy Boats 25 Dec 2021 22:32 PST
SR52 © Windy Boats

Massive power combined with unparalleled style. The Windy superyacht tenders delivers the luxury of choice, from breathtaking weekend cruises to exhilarating joy rides.

Based in over half a century's worth of Scandinavian design excellence and backed by the leading industry designers - the phenomenal Windy superyacht tender concept is still the leading choice in the luxury boat segment.

The Windy SR52 Blackbird delivers an experience with every ride

If the definition of a superyacht starts with being the pinnacle of creativity and craftsmanship, then it makes sense that it should have a tender boat to match. Enter the Windy SR52 Blackbird, an ultra-adaptable pleasure-boat delivering best-in-class performance and the ultimate in refined style.

The SR52 concept has been infused into the Windy brand which for over 50 years culminates half a century's worth of Scandinavian design excellence into this phenomenal superyacht tender. With it follows a garnering of multiple industry accolades in the process.

When first appearing, it was stunning crowds at the Cannes Yachting Festival, and the Windy SR52 Chase Boat set the benchmark for luxury yacht tenders thanks to its head-turning silhouette and fierce 46-knot speeds. It is a boat built for the James Bond in us all; effortlessly cool and a perennial classic that emphasizes form as much as sensational handling no-matter the conditions.

Timeless design

The cockpit with its three pilot seats nestled at a helm boasts the latest high-tech instrumentation and is truly impressing. However - it is the commitment to small details whether it is the streamlined detailing for enhanced aerodynamics, or the fully-hydraulic bathing ladder in the aft this shows the true dedication to pure enjoyment and excellent finishing. Add to that in-built fishing racks or the powerful deck speakers. If you've ever wondered if Windy emphasizes pleasure above all - the SR52 Blackbird is the proof. In fact, at just a glance, you realize that this is a boat for those who believe true power whispers rather than shouts, and prefers to reveal itself in performance instead of relying entirely on presentation.

Uncompromising power

The SR52 streamlined look makes a commanding first impression, but the throttle's first thrust is when it truly awes. Surging with IPS propulsion while backed by advanced interceptors you are ensured a smooth experience maintaining total balance at top speeds, even when navigating tight turns.

When it comes to the Windy SR52 there is always more than meets the eye with its uncompromisingly understated exterior hiding a commanding Triple IPS 650 or Twin IPS 800 Volvo Penta Diesel Engines beneath the surface. At this point, you might expect a deafening engine noise to match but the Windy SR52 defies expectations once again, keeping the decibels low and allowing pleasant conversation to continue even while moving at high speed to your destination. If you have not already noticed, the Windy SR52 doesn't beg for attention, it beguiles.

When the greatest designers come together

Working with the world's greatest designers and craftsmen Windy is able to draw on their passion and skill. This collaboration has led Windy to build a name and a product that is envied by many. The commission of the Windy SR52 Blackbird provided the first opportunity for Windy to partner with designers and naval architects external to the company.

"Windy is a strong international brand and Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design are proud to be associated with them." The claim comes from non-other than Malcom McKeon, who have worked with Windy to create the quality and innovation that has come to be expected from the brand name.

The SR52 also speaks volumes without saying a word thanks to Ed Dubois. Those already in-the-know will instantly recognize the iconic yacht designer's architectural touch.

This marvel is the embodiment of Dubois' obsession with sleek engineering. From the wood-lined interior lobby through to the convertible single-to-double bed berth, complete with hidden storage, the SR52 Blackbird offers a remarkable sense of space that outclasses all.

The hull designed by Hans-Jørgen Johnsen delivers superlative performance and matchless seakeeping as well. The SR52 is a masterpiece result influenced by a number of leading innovators within design.

Inspired by tradition

The unruffled stability of the SR52 Blackbird may seem far from Windy founder Hugo Vold's humble beginnings on the stormy shores of Skagerrak. However, it is precisely these roots that inspired the genius behind the craftsmanship of this groundbreaking Chase Boat. The SR52 leads the industry not only because it aims to be the fastest or the most beautiful superyacht tender on the market, but because it delivers the luxury of choice, from breathtaking weekend cruises to exhilarating joy rides, through to stable tenders. Vold's legacy lives on in Windy's obsession with sturdiness, peerless quality and deep respect for the sea.


  • Length overall (incl. pulpit): 16,10 m
  • Beam: 4,50 m
  • Draft: 1,23 m
  • Dry Weight: 12800 kg
  • Fuel capacity: 2350 L
  • Water capacity: 200 L
  • Naval Architect: Hans Jørgen Johnsen
  • Exterior design and styling: Dubois Naval Architects Ltd
  • Interior Design: Dubois Naval Architects Ltd


Windy's philosophy has always been to design and build boats that set a new benchmark of style and performance. Working only with the world's greatest designers and craftsmen, drawing on their passion and skill, Windy has been able to build a name and a product that is envied by many.

The commission of the Windy SR52 Blackbird in 2008 provided the first opportunity for Windy to partner with designers and naval architects external to the company. The SR52 Blackbird opened up a new world for Windy, introducing the brand to the superyacht sector as the builder of the world's finest chaseboat, and Malcolm McKeon was intrinsic to the design of that model. We are incredibly excited to be working with him again.

Windy SLR 60 is a powerful 60ft chaseboat with a strong personality and clear dual purpose. It is the first boat to bring together Norwegian powerboat builder Windy with Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design. With a range of 850 nautical miles at 25 knots, the Windy SLR 60 has been designed to be the ultimate superyacht chaseboat for long distance excursions. However, it will also serve as a very nimble sports boat for diving and fishing, as well as support shoreside exploration. This contemporary and elegant design is fitted with a large swim platform aft of the luxurious guest area and bar, making it a very attractive vessel for socialising and enjoying relaxing times on the water.

Second to none

The first vessel has been commissioned by an experienced superyacht owner and has been designed to meet their stringent requirements. The SLR 60 features detailed design accents that mirror those of her superyacht mothership. Following delivery of this first SLR 60, Windy Scandinavia AB is looking forward to the design going into production at the Windy yard in Sweden, making it the largest Windy available and establishing the 60-footer as the company's flagship.

A rigorous testing procedure to assess the boat's performance in varying sea states has been conducted. The SLR60 has been designed to operate in extreme sea conditions, with a generous flare to the bow and multiple chines on the hull keeping the boat as dry as possible.

Interior design is created by LIAIGRE. In the yachting industry, the LIAIGRE signature is synonymous with refined materials, assemblies and finishes.

Design optimization

Cape Horn Engineering comments "We conducted a rigorous testing procedure to evaluate and assess the boat's performance in varying sea states. One of the main concerns of the client was the amount of spray that the yacht would experience when going through waves at speed. CFD investigations and analyses were conducted on how to minimise the spray or prevent spray being blown back into the boat. By optimising the design of the freeboard with a generous flare to the bow and giving special attention to the position of the multiple chines and spray rails this concern was addressed, keeping the boat as dry as possible''.

As you would expect of a high-performance chaseboat from Windy, the SLR 60 will be able to traverse unprotected and open passages of water with ease. The full-height windscreen provides protection at high speed for those in the forward-facing seats and an increased fuel capacity, compared to other boats of her size, equips this luxury tender with an exceptionally long range of 850 nautical miles at 25 knots. Exhilarating to drive, this incredibly responsive vessel offers impressive acceleration and handling at speed.


  • Length overall: 18.18 m
  • Beam: 4,538 m
  • Draft: 1,25 m
  • Fuel capacity: 4250 L
  • Max speed: 44 knots, Range: 850 nm @ 25 kts, Category: B
  • Design and naval architecture: Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design Ltd
  • Interior design and styling: Studio Liaigre, Paris, France Windy Design
  • Engineering Commercial Vessel Registration 'SCV' compliant upon request

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