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Sunstream® announces Bluetooth® Remote Control with mobile app offering diagnostics functionality

by Sunstream Boat Lifts 1 Feb 2022 16:27 PST
Sunstream® announces ground-breaking Bluetooth® Remote Control with mobile app offering diagnostics functionality © Sunstream Boat Lifts

Sunstream® Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality free-standing and free-floating boat lifts and the SwiftShield™ Automatic Boat Cover System, announced today an innovative new technology that enhances the boating experience - the Sunstream Bluetooth® transmitter and smartphone app. Available for Apple and Android smartphones, the new system is another industry first and provides convenient remote control operation, longer range, two-way communication and diagnostic capabilities for both Sunstream hydraulic boat lifts and SwiftShield automatic boat cover systems. The app allows users to always have a Sunstream remote in their pocket for a faster, more convenient way to get out on the water.

The two-way communication transfers data to and from a smartphone to and from the Sunstream lift, enabling the app to display the current voltage, charging status, battery health, performance data and diagnostic data, as well as provide basic Up and Down functionality. Based on the new Bluetooth 5 standard, which is also used in some notable electric cars, many mobile handsets provide unprecedented range of up to 300 feet; and the microprocessor used in the remote control receiver is more powerful than the computers that landed the Lunar Module on the Moon.

The nature of Bluetooth enables instant and more precise control of the lift or cover hydraulics. Existing remote controls use Radio Frequency (RF) technology. There are several limitations to this technology; the first being that the popularity of RF signals are crowding bandwidth and causing a reduction in range for those devices. Another downfall to RF is that these signals require a split-second of continued operation after the button is released to prevent a start and stop during operation. Finally, RF is one-directional and not capable of transmitting data. WiFi technology solves the problem of data transmission and range, but network complexities contribute to instability.

Bluetooth doesn't require the aforementioned delay ensuring precision operation - the lift and covers controlled by this app will start and stop exactly when buttons are pressed and released. Because of its bi-directional characteristic, this technology is also a natural technical solution to receive and transmit diagnostic information, allowing for troubleshooting. The app allows dealers and installers to run diagnostic component testing, records operating voltage of every cycle and counts the number of cycles to monitor lift performance. In addition, users can email data directly from the app to their dealers for remote diagnosis, enabling maintenance professionals to address a customer's concern quickly and better prepare for on-site servicing.

"Sunstream is constantly adapting our products to incorporate new technologies that make the boating experience easier and more convenient," said Ken Hey, CEO of Sunstream Boat Lifts. "While RF-based remote controls have been handy for controlling your lift and cover, Bluetooth allows us to create a much more robust and feature-rich system, integrating with the phone app. Our customers use apps for everything, even their doorbell nowadays, so these features will not only be appreciated but adds fun to the boating experience and gives owners confidence that their lifts are operating in top shape."

For more information on the innovative Sunstream Bluetooth App, Sunstream or its complete line of high-quality boat lifts and accessories, please call (253) 395-0500, or visit

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