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Sunstream® launches Sunstream Power System (SPS™) multi-lift shared hydraulic powerpack

by Sunstream® Boat Lifts 15 Sep 2023 13:00 PDT

Sunstream® Boat Lifts, the leading manufacturer of high-quality free-standing and free-floating boat lifts and the SwiftShield™ Automatic Boat Cover System, has announced it has reinvented hydraulic power systems with the Sunstream Power System (SPS™). A single high-powered hydraulic powerpack that drives multiple Sunstream lifts and automatic boat covers, the SPS eliminates the need for independent powerpacks or 220v electric motors for each hydraulic device.

By sharing a single powerpack with multiple Sunstream lifts or SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover Systems, the SPS has many advantages, including lower cost, smaller dock footprint, faster installation, lower maintenance, higher performance, improved safety and greatly reduced dock power requirements. Each SPS is capable of powering 10 Sunstream SPS compatible devices and, with a 15-inch by 15-inch footprint, it minimizes required dock space. The unique system enables users to combine up to two different hydraulic DC powerpacks of 6hp or 12hp to increase power up to 24hp which gives unprecedented power and speed, compared to the typical 2hp per boat lift. This allows consumers to select their power or add more power as needed, ultimately spending less because they don't need to buy separate powerpacks with each lift or SwiftShield. When additional hydraulic devices are added, no further wiring is needed which saves money and hassle. In addition, the SPS uses only 6A/110v power for 10 lifts versus traditional 40A/220v for each lift, which is, from a marina's viewpoint, a fraction of the cost to install and wire. The SPS boasts enhanced reliability as it uses sealed batteries to store energy, so if there's a power outage, customers can still use their lifts and SwiftShields. The batteries are also compatible with solar charging solutions, eliminating the need for dock power altogether.

This system further simplifies installation as all hoses and wires can be built into the dock structure (underneath), which makes it easier to add or remove boat lifts and provides a clean aesthetic for the dock. A small SPS Connection Station plate can be installed on the facia at each slip like a wall outlet and has both hydraulic and powerpack control plug-ins. Current permanent boat lifts attach 220v AC directly to the aluminum structure and run 220v cables under water to the far side of the boat lift. SPS-compatible boat lifts do not attach AC power on the lift, nor run power underwater, for added safety.

The SPS is controlled by RC transmitters on each device plus the Sunstream app which enables the user to have an unlimited number of devices on their phones to control. This is particularly attractive for marina operators and maintenance personnel as all lifts and covers can be controlled by their phones rather than having to manage multiple key fobs or transmitters.

"We imagine SPS will be designed into docks of the future," said Ken Hey, CEO of Sunstream Boat Lifts. "Imagine each slip having a pre-installed SPS Connection Station ready to plug in a lift or automatic boat cover, just like slips have a power post. With all these advantages, we will see a trend of the industry quickly shifting to fast hydraulic lifts vs today's 220v electric lifts."

"The SPS system is a huge advancement in marine construction with great benefits to the boater, property owners and marina developers," said Mark Lancaster, Owner, Lancaster Custom Dock and Lift Systems, Inc.

SPS is compatible with all Sunstream hydraulic products, including SunLift™, FloatLift™, SwiftShield Automatic Boat Cover, and the new Helix™ line of high speed cable lifts.

The SPS starts at $4,500 and is available from Sunstream's extensive network of dealers. For more information on the SPS, Sunstream or its complete line of high-quality boat lifts and accessories, please call (253) 395-0500, or visit

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