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Beached whale

by John Curnow, Global Editor, Powerboat.World 5 May 2022 01:00 PDT
Fish Well on the new Maritimo M600 Offshore Motor Yacht © John Curnow

It had started out as me demonstrating just how many of my beloved Mahi Mahi (or Dollies/Dorado) you'd get into the fish well of the new Maritimo M600. What could be better? A super-yummy, fast growing, incredibly sustainable fish that puts up a fight, all the way to the gaff. WooHooooo!

Ending up looking like a 6'2" beached whale wasn't part of the plan, but if the shoe fits? Whilst in there, I could not help thinking that it could be filled with warm water at the end of the day, and you could have sundowners, or perhaps get the ice in there for a seven-star recovery session after a hard day's game fishing.

Look out for our full review of the new M600 Offshore Motor Yacht, which will hit the website soon enough. All of this also got me to thinking how the new range of Maritimos are being accepted overseas, and so I went to Maritimo's Americas President, Dave Northrop, to understand the position in the USA: "Maritimo is riding an unprecedented wave of interest and enthusiasm in the USA with sales for the brand to match."

Northrop added, "Maritimo's newly revealed models, including the M75 and S75 motor yachts, as well as the recently launched M600, had resonated well with American buyers, on top of strong interest and sales in other models such as the highly popular M55 and S55, launched in 2021."

"With the uncertainty that exists in the world currently surrounding supply-chain issues, it is gratifying for us to see that the interest in our brand has continued to increase," Northrop said. "We recently held a rendezvous in Florida attended by more than 140 guests, including prospective yacht buyers, brand enthusiasts, and Maritimo yacht owners and their families, a dozen of whom came on their yachts for a five-day event. They were able to meet several key members of the Maritimo management team who came from Australia, and the camaraderie and excitement of the event were tremendous."

Northrop said international shipping shortages had introduced new challenges across the industry, but that Maritimo had taken an inventive approach. "We have looked at other ways to highlight our brand and our model range with prospective owners given those challenges."

"That was one of the reasons behind the recent rendezvous: Most of our prospective buyers are very positive generally about the economy through next year and into 2024, and that augurs well for future sales. Our forward order pipeline is the largest it has ever been in the Americas."

The M600, along with S600 and M60 will all have their global reveals later in the month at the impending show at Sanctuary Cove.

Miles away

Palma's show has just run, heralding in the European season as it were. At Port Calanova, Mallorca, Axopar got busy releasing three models, including this one, the Brabus Shadow 900 Deep Blue. The Mercedes-Benz W113 SL was a wonderful highlight; although I have a distinct feeling the Roadster would have a hard time keeping up with axe/beak-bowed speedster. Think Clarkson and Hammond with the Quadski and the Alfa Romeo 4C on and around Lago di Como, and you'll get the point.

Funnily enough, it was exactly 12 months ago when we took a glimpse at the first Brabus Shadow 900XC in an editorial. Two later editorials here and here expanded on the whole paramilitary thing, and the new Deep Blue Signature Edition, along with the smaller Brabus Shadow 300 Edition One just highlight how important this sector is, so look out for some more on it soon.

Here comes the sun

Soel Yachts Senses 62 glided in over the last little while, almost as silently as its very operation, but the overarching response was a huge thumbs up to its aesthetics. You simply cannot think, contemplate, or say loud, for it is a subtlety in execution that sets it apart. Bold elements where necessary, but restrained and conscious reigned supreme, much like its effect on the planet. With a proven track record, including some passenger ferries/dayboats in the South Pacific, Soel Yachts could well be as very bright as the sun itself.

You spin me right round

And so after a flying lap of the planet we land back at Sanctuary Cove. Brothers Ryan and Sam Short have expanded Short Marine, and how, in the last six months. Operating now in both NSW and Queensland, Short Marine will have a ten-boat display from four of the brands they represent, like Regal, Capelli RIBs, and the famous fish masters, Grady-White.

This week we also posted a video of the Short brothers with Viking President and CEO Pat Healey at the 2022 Miami International Boat Show. Short Marine also represent Viking and sister brand, Valhalla Boatworks, and they will also have on display the mighty, stepped hull Valhalla V 37, which if you are a fisho looks as good as the things you go out to catch in the first place!

OK. Today you will find that the website has an abundance of material from right across the globe, and if you cannot find something, just try the search button right up the top of the landing page, above our logo. If you cannot find what you want or wish to want to add to that, then please make contact with us via email.

Finally, please look after yourselves,
John Curnow

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