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Introducing the great Viking Yachts 48s

by Viking Yachts 6 Jul 15:24 PDT

We offer four different models at 48 feet - a Convertible, an Open, a Sport Tower and a Sport Coupe.

These boats are built on Line 4 in New Gretna, New Jersey, and in this Viking View we're going right down the production line to highlight several 48s in their various build stages while showing you a few of our dedicated shipwrights in action, building a better boat every day.

The build begins in the Fiberglass Department - dubbed Viglass decades ago by Viking Co-Founder Bill Healey. Viglass actually consists of three areas — hulls and decks, small parts and finishing. In hulls and decks, Laminator Yessenia Grazo trims a 48 Convertible's deckhouse flange; its width must match the flange of the hull. The two flanges form the hull-to-deck joint, which is bonded together with an adhesive, mechanically fastened every 3 inches with bolts and fiberglassed from the inside (as shown below on another 48).

This is Chanh Nguyen - one of our Master Carpenters (meaning, he can build any interior living space). Before fitting and installing the starboard aft salon window frame of this 48 Convertible, Chanh first removes its supporting braces. He will use a marine adhesive/sealant to secure the frame, which is made of hard walnut, and built in Viking's Joiner Shop (where cabinetry and other interior wood components are hand-built). Chanh will then use clamps and custom braces to hold the part in place until the adhesive/sealant dries.

Yadiel Cruz, an Installer in the Exterior Trim Department, drills a hole in the starboard coaming that will receive a 30-degree rod holder. Its precise placement and angle have already been measured, so Yadiel knows exactly where to make the cut. Before it's permanently installed, the core material in the coaming is sealed and the perimeter is caulked. This is a threaded Gemlux rod holder held in place with a backing nut. The threaded section is coated with a marine adhesive/sealant, the nut is tightened and then a mechanical fastener is screwed into the nut, ensuring that the installation cannot move.

"All these extra steps we take are what make us different from the rest - it's how we build a better boat every day," says Yadiel.

Line 4 bridge and window Installer Jose Medina (left) applies a UV-resistant adhesive/sealant to the perimeter of the starboard-side windshield of a 48 Sport Coupe. Right: Jose has already applied the material to the front windshield; he uses masking tape to ensure a nice, clean installation. The green 80-grit sanding discs with adhesive on the back and windshield suction cup provide gripping and a secure handhold while he works.

Our 48 Open, 48 Sport Tower and 48 Convertible can all be ordered with a custom Palm Beach Towers (PBT) tuna tower. All four models are available with custom navigation, communication and entertainment packages from Atlantic Marine Electronics (AME).

Both PBT and AME are Viking subsidiaries, helping us provide turn-key delivery for our owners. For more information about any of our four 48 models, please reach out to your authorized Viking dealer.

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