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Viking diversity - 3 of a (different) kind

by Viking Yachts 28 Jul 14:06 PDT
72 Open Bridge Convertible © Viking Yachts

Our delivery dock is as busy as ever, putting the finishing touches on a variety of Vikings headed to their owners for summer fun. The diversity of our fleet illustrates the strong connection we have with our owners and their cruising and fishing needs.

Last week, a trio of yachts left New Gretna - each a different size and style with inherent strengths and benefits: a 72 Open Bridge Convertible, a 54 Sport Tower and a 46 Billfish. The largest was El Diablo, a 72 Convertible with a black hull and custom tower from the Viking subsidiary Palm Beach Towers (PBT).

This is the third Viking for Don Gaiter and Gloria Gutierrez, who previously owned a 68 Convertible (also an open bridge) and a 52 Sport Tower. There's an addendum to the transom name that sits subtly on the transom door, reading Tres (see inset), to denote the boat as the third Viking El Diablo. Captain John Galvin says El Diablo's fishing program will start this summer in Nantucket, with trips to the Northeast canyons for marlin and tuna, followed by hunting for giant bluefin tuna in the fall. And then in late October, it's off to Miami for sailfish and swordfish and trips to the Bahamas. The El Diablo crew also runs a black Valhalla 41, named El Diablito.

This is first-time Viking owner Eric Gerstenberg's Flag Blue 54 Sport Tower Perspective.

"I've met so many Viking owners through the years who have raved about the quality, the craftsmanship, the reliability and the customer support," says Eric. "To get to this point - to own a Viking - has been a dream come true. We chose the 54 Sport Tower because it's the perfect size and style for me. I wanted that quick and easy access between the cockpit and command deck so I can always be close to - or part of - the action."

Like El Diablo, Perspective will be based on Nantucket for the summer and features a custom PBT tower.

"We'll be mostly fishing for bluefin tuna, and also make runs to the canyons for all types of species - from marlin to swordfish," says Eric. "Our first tournament is next month - the Big Game Battle in Nantucket. I plan to run it up and down the coast, take it to Florida in the winters, and try to do more tournaments over time and learn more." Above right: Eric and his crew gathered in Atlantic City, New Jersey, before heading north to New England. From left to right: Chris Connors, Eric, Marc Hayes and Matt Mercer.

This is our 46 Billfish - a straightforward, fish-focused design that stresses ease of operation and maintenance while boasting an aesthetic style that's as recognizable as a Viking convertible. The 46 BF is fast (nearly 40 knots), sporty, versatile and comfortable.

Longshot II, based out of Ocean City, New Jersey, features a custom Ethereal Blue hull, teak cockpit and a faux teak transom. The first-time Viking owner has also chosen a solid aft bulkhead, with a door that leads to an air-conditioned command deck with ample seating. Longshot II will be used primarily for family fishing trips in New Jersey, and the owner also wants to spend some time with the boat in Florida during the winter months.

All three yachts also boast custom electronics packages from Atlantic Marine Electronics, a Viking company. El Diablo and Perspective were sold through the Viking dealer Oyster Harbors Marine, while Longshot II was sold by the Viking dealer South Jersey Yacht Sales. For more information about any of our models, please contact your authorized Viking dealer, and you can always peruse the Viking website.

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