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60 knots and fully electric with the new SILENT Speed 28 launch

by Silent Yachts 8 Sep 2022 01:28 PDT

SILENT is launching a new line of performance boats that will capitalise on its expertise in electric propulsion. The first boat is the SILENT Speed 28, and will ally the futuristic looks of the SILENT range with blistering pace and superyacht finish.

With foil assistance and embedded solar cells on the hardtop, it is ideally suited as a superyacht tender or a fun boat that can be easily trailered.

The original concept of the new model was developed by eD-TEC. Twin 100kW eD-QDrive electric motors are the heart of this 8.6m rigid inflatable boat. These make it capable of eye-watering, hair-mussing speeds in excess of 60 knots for short bursts. The boat is equipped with lithium-ion batteries (LiFePO4) storing around 100kWh of energy. This allows it to cover more than 70 miles at cruising speed, which is an exhilarating 30 knots.

"With 18 years of experience in designing and building solar-powered catamarans, we were hungry to push the boundaries again," said founder and CEO Michael Köhler. "The SILENT Speed 28 has been developed in cooperation with Michael Jost (CEO & Founder of eD-Tec, former Head of Group Strategy Product & CSO of Volkswagen Brand) and his team. Our combined know-how coupled with continuing technological advances have made it possible to develop a model line that combines spectacular performance with impressive range."

The project marks the start of a strategic partnership between the SILENT Group and eD-TEC. Together, this technological alliance will take electric mobility on the water to a new level. Currently, eD-TEC's drivetrain delivers on the following promises:

  1. Foil assisted efficiency

    The Silent Speed 28 is equipped with three foils, which significantly reduce drag and increase range and comfort.

  2. Driven by Artificial Intelligence

    All systems and components are interlinked to the AI Box via CAN bus. It perfectly tunes the vessel to your needs and increases both performance and range, making constant, precise adjustments reduce the roll and pitch of the boat.

  3. Intuitive, ergonomic user interface

    The vessel is controlled through the specially designed eD-Platform user interface, which puts all the key information and functions at the operator's fingertips. Intuitive and convenient interaction is key, so the interface as well as every other component receives updates and upgrades over the air. A cloud uplink relays driving data that is used to generate driving profiles to further maximise efficiency and experience.

  4. Near silent speed

    The eD-Qdrive 1 powers the SILENT Speed 28 to a top speed of more than 60 knots, while operating in virtual silence. The power unit is developed to offer maximum performance and safety whilst ensuring low maintenance. Here again, the entire system possesses an entirely redundant control system, just like an aircraft.

In hull shape, the SILENT Speed 28 most closely resembles a catamaran, with two narrow hulls in the water and a broad, blunt bow above the waterline. This provides plenty of buoyancy and disperses spray. A rigid hardtop provides shade in the boat, both for the driver and the passengers. Finish is naturally to full superyacht standard, with a flexible configuration.

The structure seems almost to float, as it is balanced delicately on narrow pillars framing the windscreen and an elegant Y-shaped support aft. Built in carbon fibre, it is lightweight and incredibly robust. Solar cells carpet the upper surface of the hard top, currently generating up to 704W of power. It is more than enough to maintain the battery that supplies all the onboard systems.

Recharging the main propulsion battery naturally requires a dedicated charging point. The onboard charger can handle 150kW DC, which fully recharges the battery in around 40 minutes. AC charging is possible at up to 22kW. From a SILENT yacht, the battery of the SILENT Speed 28 can be recharged with the 22.5kW DC wallbox from 30% to 80% in 2 hours. Port infrastructure varies, but even a standard three-phase charger could do the same job in some 4 hours.

When the first hull launches in October this year, the SILENT Speed 28 will rocket straight to the top of the list of the fastest electric production boats.

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