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2023 Flotilla to Alaska | Prevost Harbor - Day 0

by Laura Domela 11 May 16:27 PDT
2023 Flotilla to Alaska © Laura Domela

We're on our way north again! Today we met up with Free Solo (previously Rubicon, previously Jester, a Nordic Tug 39 captained by Ralph), and Seabear, a Nordic Tug 37 owned by Paul and Kim.

We're anchored in Prevost Harbor on Stuart Island, and tomorrow we will start our first leg north, clear Canadian Customs into Ganges on Saltspring Island, where we'll meet our fourth boat, Two's Out, a Selene 45 owned by Mike and Betty. We will provision and explore Ganges a bit and then get an early start the next day.

The weather this week looks exceptional, and we're excited to have such a great start to what we hope will be another epic cruise up the Inside Passage to SE Alaska. Thanks for following along!

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