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Off-the-beaten-track superyacht charter

by Alastair Callender / Moravia Yachting 21 Jul 07:03 PDT
Off-the-beaten-track superyacht charter © Damen Yachting

Explorer yachts are on the rise and so are charters to far-flung destinations. Alastair Callender advises how clients can experience the ends of the earth in seven-star luxury

An increasing number of charter clients are seeking to explore remote destinations as an alternative to the traditional yachting 'milk run'. With the ability to access places on earth that still feel untouched, yacht charters provide the opportunity for truly experiential travel with the complete immersion in pristine environments characterised by natural scenery and abundant wildlife.

"The vast majority of yachting activity takes place in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, but this only accounts for six per cent of the world's coastline and 1.5 per cent of the ocean's total surface area," comments Alastair Callender, who runs Moravia Yachting in the Americas region. "There's so much more of the world to explore, and there is an increasing interest doing so."

Reflecting this interest, the number of explorer yachts on order and in build has reached an all-time high, meaning more explorer yachts on the charter market. Alastair, who has been directly involved with various explorer yacht sales, is also receiving more explorer yacht charter inquiries. "Perhaps due to the demographic of clients getting younger, there are more people interested in unique, adventurous and life-changing experiences in places where few others have ever been," explains Alastair.

A yacht charter is the very best way in which to achieve this. Thanks to the way that explorer yachts are designed, it's possible to be autonomous for extended periods at a time without the reliance on yachting infrastructure. "With advanced planning, charter clients can cruise far-flung destinations, even for months at a time, all while still being connected to their businesses, if need be," Alastair adds.

Just some of the destinations that can offer such experiences include Svalbard, the Galápagos Islands, Patagonia, Papua New Guinea, the Seychelles and Madagascar, French Polynesia, Easter Island, Raja Ampat, the Solomon Islands and New Zealand. But just as important as choosing the right destination is choosing the right yacht and crew.

"It's so important to marry both the crew and the yacht for any charter, but particularly when it comes to expedition-style charters," advises Alastair. "It's vital to be on a yacht that is designed and built for the conditions of the environment being visited, as well as what the client wants to achieve. Selecting a knowledgeable captain and crew who have experience of the region would also add value."

Advanced planning is a necessity when it comes to organising off-the-beaten-path charters. It is often recommended to enlist the assistance of expedition specialists, with many remote regions requiring governmental permissions secured months in advance of a trip.

Despite remote locations presenting challenging external environments, clients should not expect to sacrifice luxury. In fact, remote charters offer an unparalleled level of exclusivity. "Clients can wake up to a different UNESCO World Heritage site each morning, while indulging in the ultimate comfort and amenities that superyachts provide," says Alastair. From spa facilities and Michelin-starred chefs to exhilarating activities such as heli-skiing and diving shipwrecks, these charters blend authentic exploration and seven-star luxury.

With the privilege of visiting unspoiled parts of the world comes the responsibility to protect them. Since winning international awards for sustainability and innovation in yacht design, Alastair has been advising superyacht owners and charter clients on methods to ensure one leaves a minimal environmental footprint. Charter clients can even actively contribute to local research and conservation efforts by integrating scientific research or supporting philanthropic initiatives during their charters. This way, they can leave a positive mark on the destination while enjoying extraordinary adventures.

By choosing to explore beyond the well-known yachting destinations, charter clients can witness the wonders of the planet, create lasting memories, and contribute to the preservation of these places. For those in need of inspiration, a knowledgeable charter broker can introduce clients to new ideas and possibilities. With careful planning, the right yacht and crew, and a spirit of curiosity, the world becomes your oyster.

Explorer yachts available for charter

While many charter yachts would be willing to relocate to a specific location to accommodate a charter, here are some examples of yachts available for charter in interesting, off-the-beaten-track locations:

  • Octopus: The 126.2m (414'1") Octopus is available for charter for the summer of 2024 in the Arctic, Baltic Sea, Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spitsbergen/Svalbard, Sweden, and the UK and Northern Ireland. Its winter operating areas for 2024/25 include Antarctica, Chile, Ecuador, Patagonia, and Peru.

  • Bold: The 85.3m (279'10") Bold is available for charter for the winter of 2023/24 in Belize, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Panama.

  • La Datcha: The 77m (252'7") La Datcha is available for charter for the winter of 2023/24 in Antarctica, Chile, and Patagonia.

  • Sherakhan: The 70m (228' 6") Sherakhan is available for charter in Antarctica during the winters of 2023/24 and 2024/25.

  • Suri: The 63.4m (208') Suri is available for charter for summer 2023 in Costa Rica and Panama.

  • Bad Company Support: While the 45.6m (149'8") Bad Company Support hasn't confirmed a location, this rugged Damen support vessel would provide the perfect platform for any remote exploration.

  • Stella Maris: The 37.8m (124') Stella Maris is based in the Gal├ípagos Islands.

  • Togo: The 31m (101'8") Togo is available for charter in the Arctic, Greenland, and Iceland.

  • Vivierae II: The 30m (98'5") Vivierae II is available for charter during summer 2023 in the west coast of Australia, Fiji, French Polynesia, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu. In the winter of 2023/24, she is available for charter in the Andaman Sea, Bali, the Gulf of Thailand, Komodo, Maldives, and Raja Ampat.

  • Grey Wolf: The 26.2m (85'11") Grey Wolf is available for charter in the Arctic.
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