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The benefits of hybrid propulsion

by Moravia Yachting 18 Nov 2023 08:41 PST
47.05m Bartali © Moravia Yachting

BARTALI features a hybrid propulsion system that has proved its longstanding capabilities and redefined the standards of sustainable yachting.

As the superyacht industry pursues a more sustainable future, hybrid propulsion systems are becoming more prevalent onboard new launches. The 47.05m (154'5?) BARTALI was, therefore, ahead of its time when it was launched by Wider in 2016 with the shipyard's serial hybrid technology. While diesel-electric propulsion has been used for decades in commercial shipping, Wider was the first shipyard to introduce a serial hybrid technology in the leisure superyacht segment.

A hybrid diesel-electric motor yacht powered by a large battery bank and four 350kw generators, BARTALI's generators charge the batteries, and the batteries power the hotel services and the propulsion. Two Veth rudder propellers (commonly known as pods) are driven by electrical motors, with electricity supplied by the batteries. The yacht can cruise in Z.E.M. (zero emission mode), using batteries alone, at speeds up to five knots for a few hours. Alternatively, a generator can be used in conjunction with the batteries.

This results in a system that is extremely economical in terms of fuel consumption, both under way and at anchor. As Chief Engineer Thomas Bolton explains; "Powered by the batteries and one generator on a discharge cycle and two generators on a charging cycle, BARTALI uses about 120 litres of fuel per hour on average while cruising between eight-to-ten knots."

At anchor, BARTALI typically uses around 400 litres of fuel every 24 hours to keep everything running. The yacht can also run in Z.E.M. on the batteries alone for four-to-six hours while at anchor, depending on the outside temperature (which impacts HVAC usage) and sea state (which impacts stabiliser usage).

Further benefits of this arrangement include enhanced manoeuvrability thanks to the 360-degree rotating Veth pods. "The lack of driveshafts and ability for the components to be separated also allows flexibility for the yacht's layout, which is how BARTALI has such a large beach club for a yacht this size," adds Thomas.

In fact, there are few drawbacks to BARTALI's propulsion system. While the batteries have a lifespan of about ten years, Thomas assures that there is otherwise minimal maintenance compared to a conventional yacht main engine.

And the proven and longstanding success of hybrid propulsion systems is resulting in more and more shipyards incorporating similar arrangements into their superyacht projects. Wider Yachts is even building a 72m motor yacht with the same technology.

"While BARTALI was ahead of its time when it was launched, the content is still relevant today," concludes Thomas. "With some updating in the next few years for a relatively small price in comparison to the cost of the yacht, a new owner could make significant improvements and enjoy the yacht for many more years."

BARTALI is listed for sale with Moravia Yachting at an asking price of €22,800,000 (excluding VAT). For more information, please enquire here.

This article has been provided by the courtesy of Moravia Yachting.

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