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Marine Resources 2022 - LEADERBOARD

Marine Power and Climate Systems Webinar

by Erik Haaland 20 Aug 13:45 PDT 29 August 2023

If you've considered purchasing a new boat or upgrading your existing boat, the standard of technology has recently made a generational leap.

This is your chance to hear from the experts about the potential these systems have in your in increasing your comfort, efficiency, and reliability.

Tuesday, August 29th 5:00 PM EST Marine Power & Climate Systems: How hybrid and battery-powered air conditioning systems are all the rage.

Phil Gutowski, founder of BoatRx, will present to you what is the latest and greatest. High efficiency air conditioning systems and new battery chemistries are enabling a cleaner, quieter and more comfortable boating experience. As dealers for Victron, Whisper Power, Termodinamica, Mabru, and Integrel the team at BoatRx is on the forefront of this technological change in the marine industry that is rapidly taking over from conventional air conditioning, battery systems, and the need to have a generator.

What We Will Cover

  • Hybrid power systems
  • Battery-driven air conditioning
  • Custom climate control
  • Generator-less boating
  • Obtaining maximum efficiency and reducing power and fuel consumption
  • Custom design for any yacht, big or small
  • Refits and new builds

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