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More features with the DataHub 2.0 by PredictWind

by PredictWind 31 Aug 22:44 PDT
DataHub 2.0 © Predictwind

PredictWind, the world leader in marine forecasting, introduces the updated DataHub, showcasing its commitment to providing mariners with more. More features, more connectivity, increased safety.

Enhanced GPS Tracking: When it comes to offshore safety, detail counts. The DataHub uses high-quality GPS data, ensuring that mariners receive the most precise location details, no matter where they are in the world. On land, friends and family not only monitor voyages via an individualized GPS tracking page but also access groundbreaking features such as live wind conditions, boat speed, GPS tracks, blog entries, and photos.

AI Polars Innovation: Harness the future with AI Polars. By capturing real-time sailing data and amalgamating it with a hydrodynamic boat model and wave forecast delivered by the DataHub, sailors get highly accurate polars that reflect their sailing style and yacht, giving better weather routing.

Advanced Anchor Alert App: More security means less worry. With the Anchor Alert App developed by PredictWind and the forthcoming integration with the DataHub, you can monitor essential boat anchorage metrics in real-time and receive instant notifications of any significant changes or potential dangers for your boat.

Robust Protective Firewall: The DataHub firewall blocks unwanted traffic to eliminate runaway satellite airtime bills and replaces the need for any other firewall device. Compatible with all connection types.

Comprehensive Data Sharing: Connectivity reaches new levels. Share GPS, N2K, and AIS data seamlessly over the DataHub Wi-Fi, allowing navigation tools like Navionics, Aquamaps, and INavX to tap into a treasure trove of boat instrumentation data for safer navigation and control autopilot.

Optimized PredictChat: With PredictChat, offshore communication is not only possible but also efficient. Engage in WhatsApp and SMS messaging without the typical data drain, making chats data-friendly.

Seamless PredictMail: Transitioning from onshore to offshore has never been smoother. PredictMail ensures emails are compressed automatically, minimizing data use and maximizing efficiency, all handled by the DataHub.

PredictWind's DataHub isn't just a product. It's a commitment to give sailors more in their marine communications experience. In an ever-evolving marine landscape, PredictWind is pushing out the benchmark once again.

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