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2024 Flotilla to Alaska - Days 15, 16, and 17 - Staying in Prince Rupert instead of crossing Dixon

by Laura Domela 28 May 16:08 PDT
2024 Flotilla to Alaska © Laura Domela

Well, we made the call early Saturday morning to stay in Prince Rupert instead of crossing Dixon. Conditions weren't bad, but the threat of the weather coming in later that afternoon sounded like it could make for a not-so-great experience. The Dixon Entrance East forecast was seas 2 meters becoming 1-2 meters. SE wind 5-15 but increasing SE 15-20 near noon, then SE 25 early evening. Maybe okay with the wind, and maybe if 1 meter, it would be fine.

But the NOAA forecast for Clarence Strait (when we enter AK, we're in Clarence Strait, south end) was NW wind 10 kt becoming S in the morning, then becoming SE 25 kt in the afternoon. Seas building to 5 ft. Rain. Hmmm.

Green Island lighthouse was reporting 2ft chop, and Grey Island also wasn't bad (W 11kts) but also, it's been building since 1am. And on Sunday and Monday, conditions looked even worse more to the north, so we could end up stuck in Foggy Bay for a day or two... really tough call, but we opted to stay in Prince Rupert for a few days. More expensive for moorage than an anchorage, but lots to do...restaurants, shops, museums, etc.

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