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Nova Luxe Fall Update

by Marc Hawxhurst 31 Oct 2019 09:44 PDT
Unlimited range and a top speed that excites! Nova Luxe Yachts © Nova Luxe

This week is the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and although we will not have a boat in the show we encourage you to attend. Many power cats will be on display, and it's a great time to see what you like.

We are making arrangements to attend the Miami Boat show and with a little luck, you can see our first build or sea trial the yacht in the days after the show.

The electric system we use from Torqeedo has 360 volt batteries paired with 55kw motors. They are the equivalent of 80hp diesel motors. Silent Wave uses a 48 volt system paired with 30kw motors in their 55' yacht. This is important to know as we can offer more power on a greater selection of yachts. Our dual electric motor with generator configuration is excellent on yachts from 35'-55'. Our fully redundant diesel and electric motor combination is recommended for blue water power catamarans between 40' and 65' feet. Either system has its advantages and both are fundamentally superior to a full diesel configuration.

Our marketing team has been editing video about our first build and our latest video can be seen on youtube. Our manufacturing capabilities have expanded and we have two locations prepared for an electric re-fit. As the season changes to winter in the New York its important to prepare for next season. Now is the best time to start a project so your yacht is ready in the spring!

Momentum and interest in Nova Luxe products has been building steadily. Our last marketing email was sent to our modest list of 165 subscribers. It received over 400 views and 100 clicks, these are impressive numbers and means the email was forwarded to friends and family! Excellent, thanks for sharing the news.

We offer the entire range of Torqeedo products on our website and encourage you to purchase from as a portion of proceeds is donated to the World Land Trust. I see this charity as extremely important as plants and animals cannot afford to buy property for themselves. Humans have changed the world and will continue to. We must make the conscious decision to set aside wild places for animals and Sir David Attenborough's charity is doing a great job!

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