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Nova Luxe announces acquisition of the South African yacht builder, Scape

by Nova Luxe Yachts 25 Aug 2020 06:27 PDT
Nova Luxe Elite 44 © Nova Luxe Yachts

Nova Luxe is pleased to announce the acquisition of the South African yacht builder, Scape. Scape has been building extremely efficient Simonis-Voogd catamaran designs for over 15 years. With some modifications, the Scape 42 model power catamaran will be the highest performing electric hybrid on the water. Rebranded as our Elite44, the yacht will be extended 2' and a large solar array will be added.

In addition, we are making some other exciting changes! Previously, the owners of Scape focused on a charter interior design for their builds. We at Novaluxe are working tirelessly on perfecting the owner's version. A complete interior re-design is under way by two independent design firms. True to Nova Luxe strategy, for questions of high importance we contract multiple firms to do a single job ensuring that we create the optimal balance of luxury, comfort and efficiency!

"The design of the hull and the fuel burn figures of the Scape 42 show it is the most efficient yacht in her class. We are thrilled to be bringing the hulls and bulkheads to the USA for finishing. This build strategy will be the best way to meet our customers' needs and is price competitive. A customer can see their build and select the countertop, electrical equipment and finishing touches to customize their dream yacht. Electrical equipment and other high value items are more accessible and less expensive in the USA. Wiring and installing these components requires a high level of skill and we are working directly with the experts here in US boat yards."

In addition to the power catamaran, Scape has additional assets and molds for sporty 40' and 51' sailing catamarans. These yachts are extremely popular with their owners and because of this we will continue to offer them under the Nova Luxe brand. Our new line will be creatively named 'Nova Luxe Sailing' and will include electric propulsion on both models.

"Sailing with electric motors has been such an obviously good idea for years now. Nova Luxe has avoided this market because we did not have the in-house expertise sailors would expect. With the addition of Kevin Knight, Allan Knight and Joe Heywood the management team at Scape, we will be a strong player in this market as well." - Marc Hawxhurst

One ELITE 42 yacht is currently available for immediate sale and the extended ELITE 44 model with an alternative interior will be available in 18 months. With this acquisition, we can offer superior hybrid electric yachts at the same price as a new diesel model from a competitor.

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